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Monday, March 14, 2016

The FINAL (engagement) countdown!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016 -14 Days until "I do!"

Well, Nicole & I figured out how we will set up the food tables.
We also got ALL of the candles cut & put into their holders (the ones for the aisle).
We need more for the extra tables. (Those will be the round tables we borrow from Sue)

We hung the net light on the tree :)
It looks so pretty!!!

Dad & Eric cut all of the direction signs for us.. just have to paint "wedding" on them.

We didn't get much else done, because of Brady's bday party, back in Jax.. We DID stop by Walmart on the way there, and I bought my SD Card, the other candles, the frame for our puzzle & the balloons for the direction signs... They were OUT of round white table cloths.....

Sunday, March 13, 2016 -13 Days until "I do!"

Today we woke up & went into Gainesville to go to a few stores..
Target to exchange a swim suit for Brady, we checked out the table cloths... nothing..

The Party Shop... also nothing for table cloths (we need 20!!!)

Walmart.. FINALLY!!! BUT they only had 12 round ones... got them all, plus the 6 rectangle ones we needed.

Home Depot, for the last bit of tiles Nicole needed for her bathroom floor...

Got back, the guys had just returned.. They had to go run a few errands, as well..

I painted the direction signs & the seating sign..

Eric finished building the dance floor..

Also, I called & paid for Dad's shirt.. When I'm getting off the phone the lady says we can pick them up after 3pm on the 24th............................ :/ That threw a wrench in ALL of my plans... I wanted to go that morning & get them so that we could be out to Melrose at a decent time to finish getting last minute things done.... So, I asked Kelly if she would pick up Eric's, Ty's, & my Dad's when she picks hers up (they're ALL paid for already lol), and just bring them with her. Luckily, she's the best MAid of Honor, EVER, and said no problem!!!

So, our plan is to leave here Wednesday prevening & then go grocery shopping FIRST thing Thursday morning.. Get back to the house & get to work..

We still have to nail the direction signs to the posts, we have to make the streamer wall & hang it.. and a few other things that are on my list......

Eric's dad may be picking up the chairs for us & my dad will be going to get the round tables on Sunday, after they get back from their vacation (they leave tomorrow morning).

I didn't get the coasters coated...... gotta go this week and buy the stuff...

THEN.......... after we already left Dad's I get a text that says I forgot the DAMN box of coasters!!!!!!!! :/

Nicole says she will be in OP tomorrow, and I tell her I will meet her there!!

Monday, March 14, 2016 -12 Days until "I do!"

Took Ty to school, then waited for Autumn to get here (Ashley was running late.. stupid time change lol)

As soon as Autumn got here (around 8:40), we headed out..
Went to Lowe's & I bought the Purple Orchid, the coating for the coasters, & a loop hook for the streamer wall..

Stopped by Winn Dixie to check the price of their beans & see how long the Expiration date was (to know if they would last 3 days ,if we bought them on Wednesday of next week..), only to find out that they NO LONGER make their beans!!!!!!!! WTF?!!?!?!?!?! Those are my FAVORITE!!!! :(

Then, onto Walmart had to check out the tea (price & how long on expiration for Wednesday pick-up lol) & got the last 8 round table cloths, the 2 8x10 pictures I needed (one of Eric's Mom & one of Eric's Granny) <3.. I also picked up all the stuff for Ty's Easter Basket :)..... As I am finishing ordering the photos, the intercom comes on & says "sorry for the inconvenience, but they will ONLY be accepting cash for a while" (their freaking credit card machines were down!!!)...

I had to leave, go to an ATM, & then come back to buy all of my stuff..... :/
After ALL of that.... We didn't have time to stop at Dollar Tree.. I had to drive to meet Nicole to pick up the coasters.. So, I end up getting over there about half an hour early & go into the Dollar Tree right by the meeting spot lol.. I went in for TP & the cheap, little, plastic champagne glasses.... I walked out with that PLUS 2 scarves, a butterfly headband for Autumn, some gum, and another thing for Ty's basket LMAO........

So, I get done, meet Nicole.. I gave her the bag of cups & forget to give her the table cloths... lol

Stopped & got some gas & was back home by 11:30ish!!!!!!!

I put together Ty's basket, hid it in my room..
I made some bobby pins for my hair, with my flowers... I will insert them into my braid :)

I wanna put the puzzle together tonight & then, maybe get started on sealing the coasters.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 -11 Days until "I do!"

So, we tried the polyurethane spray last night.... even after 5 coats, it still didn't seem to be working..... I decided to take them back & ask what I should get..

I took them back & brought a coaster with me, for a visual & physical aid in explanation.
The lady told me it was too dry, and was just absorbing the poly... (that's what I said last night, minus the "too dry" part lol)...
She told me maybe I need to condition it first...
THEN, she went & got a can of conditioner and a can of polyurethane..
She tried it out.. Sat there & did it.. conditioned it, then coated it with sealer... blow drying inbetween layers.. BEST customer service I have EVER received!!!

I bought that stuff.. only $1 more than what I spent on the spray lol..

I conditioned all of the coasters & then sealed about half of them.
They look SO great!!!!

I plan on finishing the rest on Friday. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 -10 Days until "I do!"

Well, I was planning on spending the day with my best friend tomorrow, BUT her stupid work called her in!!!!!! :/
Ok, ok..... it is because her coworker's kid has strep... I guess that's an acceptable reason....

We switched to Sunday, which is my ONLY free day between now & the wedding!!!!! <3

This means I will be finishing the coasters tomorrow, as well as restocking a few polishes in my shop... It is my LAST kid free day before the wedding.... Friday starts Spring Break!!!

I will update once I finish them!!! <3

Thursday, March 17, 2016 -9 Days until "I do!"


Well, I went to Mema's today...
Just to drop in & check on progress..

She finished my garters & they are GORGEOUS!!!! They fit amazing, too!!!
The new ribbon on the 2nd tier of the chandelier is perfect!!!

We finalized the design of the topper, boutonnieres, flower girl basket, & cufflinks..

I gave her a few extra things for Amanda's bouquet.

She will be having the final photos printed on Friday.

I finished the coasters, today, as well!!! (more like gave up... a LOT of cussing was involved HAHAHAHA)

I spilled the polyurethane ALL over myself...
AS SOON AS I finished coating the FIRST set, it started RAINING!!!!!

I counted how many we have, including the ones I coated today... 67... I texted Eric & asked him if he thought that was enough.... he agreed... after all, we only have 65 RSVP's AND 20 of those are CHILDREN!!! lol.... I'm sure 67 is MORE than enough... so, check THAT off of my lists!!!

I also just sat down & rewrote some final lists, one for here (things we have to do before Wednesday).. one for Mema's (for Tuesday).. & one for Dad's for Thursday & Friday (& a TINY bit for Saturday!!)

THEN......... I emailed a draft of our full ceremony to my Aunt Jean (who is officiating for us <3)...
Awaiting approval ;)

EEEP!!! it's SO DAMN close!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2016 -8 Days until "I do!"

Well, today starts my week of teeth whitening lol
How cute am I?!?!?! ;) HAHAHAHA

Monday, March 21, 2016 -5 Days until "I do!" 

We went down to the court house today, & bought our marriage license!!! <3

Bought Eric's pants, and a new bottle of the polish that I will be using for my wedding mani!!! :)

Tomorrow will be a long day lol..... got a LONG list of things to finish making & hopefully, we can get it all finished by a decent time... I wanna bring them all home tomorrow lol

Still trying to figure out the best way to handle giving everyone their cuff links........

*******the laptop is already packed & I'm on my phone app.. I will correct the following colors later.. :)**********

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 -4 Days until "I do!"

I woke up a little later than I planned..
got to Mema's around 9am.

we buckled down & got ALL 6 of the boutonniers finisbed, they look so great!!!

then, we moved on to Amanda's bouquet..
then Autumn's flower girl basket, and then Autumn's barrette  (we made 2 to have a backup).

Mema then stained the ring box..

after that it just after was 1pm.. and we took a 30 minute lunch break.

after lunch we got RIGHT back into things.
we got all of the cufflinks put toget her & then assembled all of the cufflink boxes :)

(R-L, T-B; Ty (ring bearer), Eric (groom), my Dad, Kelly (maid of honor), Brandon (groomsman), & Kalem (best man))

then, we put a few finishing touches on the chandelier :)
it was beautiful before, but it is perfect, now!!! <3

She got started on a set of special coasters for Eric & I.

She still has to make our cake topper & finish the ring box, but other than that we are FINISHED!!!!!! :)

We hung the chandelier in my car & I packed everything else & put that box in my car.

Tomorrow is packing day!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 -3 Days until "I do !"

I woke up & packed everything this morning lol

Eric is making sure that the cooler is clean, right now.

We will be leaving around 4:30, we have to meet Eric's Dad at 5 to pick up the reception chairs... THEN, it's straight out to Melrose & we will be there until Sunday evening!!!

I am stressing about forgetting something...
I have a HUGE list & I have everything packed & checked off, but I feel like I'm forgetting something, still...........

met up with Nicole & Mike to get all of the chairs..

well, we went grocery shopping tonight, instead... I'm already over budget, & we still need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2016 -2 Days until "I do!"

when I laid down last night I remembered what I was forgetting......... my super fine sharpies for the guest book.....

finished grocery shopping, picked up Lorraine's cooler & ice for the guests, and picked up a few other little things we still needed... including more sharpies.

Kelly picked up all of the wedding shirts.

we got started on the streamer wall... nowhere near enough streamer....

Friday, March 25, 2016 -1 Day until "I do!"

We got more streamer & more tea (the guys drank one gallon..)

we cleaned all day.

we used ALL the streamer we bought yesterday & it STILL isn't enough!!!
we'd need about 6 more rolls to finish, and I don't wanna buy them OR spend the time doing it anymore lmao.. we will hang a half wall haha

I boiled & shelled the eggs, I will mix & refill tomorrow, cut Cucumbers & bell peppers & make the veggie platter, make the cheese/pep platter, make the pulled chicken.. and all the other food we need, tomorrow.

I gave Dad, Eric, & Ty their cufflinks.. they love them!! <3

We also got the wedding CD finished!!!

still have quite a bit to do tomorrow..
I figure I will come in & start getting ready around 4/4:30....

Saturday, March 26, 2016 -Day of Wedding!!!!!!

Dad, Eric Ryan, & Vernon left a little while ago (around 5:30 am) to go get Bryce...
they left so early because it's about a 3 hour round trip!!! :/

they will stop & get hair cuts on the way back, AND inflate the balloons, attach then to the signs, & put the signs out on their way back.

I should go back to sleep, but I can't!

I'm getting married TODAY!!!!!!!! <3

(I will be posting one last blog... to hear all about my day & see some pictures, go check it out!!!)


  1. Better get going on those coasters. Oh you could bottle it and pass em out. Hahaha j.k. you got this!!

    1. Haha.. I did! ;)
      I am about to update now <3

  2. I just sat here for over an hour reading the entire engagement blog, both posts. Hahah I'm so so excited for you and proud of all your hard work you've put in to get there!

    1. bahahahahaha.. oh shit... it's a novel!!!!! I am so damn excited!!! and I can't wait to see all of my hard work come together for the finished product!!! I'm glad there haven't been "too many" hiccups along the way!!!

    2. or, rather, everyone's hard work!!! Nicole, my Mema, & my Aunt Jean have helped me out, so much!!! :)