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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


new year.. new goals..

There's tons in store for myself & my brand this year..
For starters, I will actually have a "brand"!! :)

I have decided to TRY out polish making..
I have not decided whether or not I will pursue it any further than making it for myself & friends & family.. OR if, in fact, I will attempt to become a small indie brand..

I already have a few polishes created in my head & on paper.. I have a list made of, hopefully, everything I will need to get this adventure started!!! ;)
I even have labels designed & ready to order!!! ;)

I will, of course, post my creations for you all to see.. & obviously I will be posting swatches!! ;)

As I said.. I'm not sure if I will have the time & space to truly commit to becoming a full on brand.. making & selling & all that.. BUT you guys will be the first to know!!! ♡♡

Also, on my agenda for "myself & my brand" is school.. I have found the perfect school.. or so it seems from the outside ;)
I have an interview/tour tomorrow (eeeep!!!)

I've known for sure that I was gonna find a way to make this dream happen, this year.. but until yesterday it almost seemes more like a hindrance than an opportunity..

I had looked & looked for a school that had the course I wanted to take..
I finally found one, but it seemed almost impossible & I knew it would cost us, big time..

That school was about 30 minutes drive from my house.. & the ONLY 2 roads to take to get there are pretty much the busiest un Jacksonville!!!
Also, I'd have to take Eric to work (which is 20 minutes away).. drive an hour back to get to the school.. then all the way back to get him.. all while trying to drop Ty off & pick him up also..

I had to be there at 8am (which is also the time Ty has to be dropped off at school..) until 5pm (which is 2 hours after Ty gets out of school.. which means I would have had to pay for either daycare (uuumm NOT!!!) or extended day (which is only $20 a week) BUT add that to our RAISED gas bill & I just can't see it.. :/

the only other option I could think of was to get a bus pass.. which is about $40 a month.. but we'd still have another $80 a month for extended day..



this other school, that I JUST found out exsisted YESTERDAY!!!!!!!

*is ONLY 2 miles from my house..
NO need to keep the car (unless it's raining or something..)

*classes are from 9am-3pm.. which means that I have an hour to get from Ty's school to mine (& I will only need about 20/30 minutes lol)
& I will only need MAYBE 20 minutes worth of "baby-sitting" time for Ty after school.. I have 2 possible options & I will find out if it's plausible soon.. if not.. $20 a week isn't too bad, I guess.. lol)

so.. I'm ALREADY stressing a million times less & I can CLEARLY see how this will be COMPLETELY possible!!!!!! ♡♡♡

I am sooo excited to het this year started.. this year is probably the first year of my 24 years of living that I am doing WHATEVER it takes to focus on myself & mothing else.. (with the exception of my family ♡♡♡)

so.. if you are as anxious as me to see these events unfold.. stick around!!! ;)

love, Kayla!!