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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

birthday nails!

so, Monday was my step-mom's 30th birthday..
& tomorrow is her party..

these nails are my festive-wear ;)
(also, I will be doing her toes ( & possibly nails..  we'll see what she wants..) so those will be posted here, as well)

here is the base of my mani :) SUPER COLORFUL gradients

if you would like to know, I used 16 different colors!!! :)

then, I added some "confetti" with Pure Ice "It's Complicated" :)

aaaaaaaand, drum roll, please..
*drum roll.. tssssst!*

here are the, COMPLETED, birthday party nails!!!
I cant wait until she sees them!! xD

& here is an inside shot, with flash, it shows the colors more true to life :)
so bright! I love it! ♥♥

& last but not least..
i dont know why I took a picture with this pose.. but I liked it, so im posting it!! ;)

July, 29th,

the party was Saturday.. pretty much all I did yesterday was sleep lol

but, here are her toenails, as promised.. she didn' get her fingernails done..

these are a little more simple than I originally planned, because we litterally had about 30 minutes right before the party started! haha.. people were walking in & asking if they were next ;) (mostly guys lmao)

I used glitters as the "sprinkles" on the brown candy.. :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

zebra print..

so, as you may know..
I am practicing my animal prints ;)

today, I decided to go with Zebra..
I didn't want just normal black & white..
I thought about rainbow, but decided to use red, orange & yellow.

I'm rather happy with the way they turned out :)

I was especially happy with my gradient, on my accent finger:

colors used (for this gradient & the remainder of this deaign)

China Glaze "White on White"
CG "Japanese Koi" (orange)
CG "Sun-Kissed" (yellow)
and NOPI "Challenge Red-y"

& here is the completed mani :)

like I said in my last post.. I need to practice!! ;)

alright guys/gals.. see ya next time! ♥♥

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

jaguar print nails

so, I have never been the girly type..
I really don't like pink..
& I don't like cheetah, leopard, zebra prints, etc..

BUT, having said that.. I do understand that some girls do & that means that more likely than not, I will have to do some type of animal print nails..

I REALLY need to practice more!!

so.. here they are :)

colors used are all from the Color Club "Blossoming Collection"
index/pinky tips: "Lavendarling"
middle/ring tips: "Sweet Pea"
jaguar print: "Blue-Ming"
(also used Color Club's top coat)

what is your favorite animal print?

just had a little fun.. ;)

I just designed my blog!!

it's awesome!!

& colorful!!

that's all!! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Nails: Long Story Short

all of my nails, from before this blog was started, are posted on my


and my


SO.. if you would like to see what I've "got goin' on" & all of that.. check out/follow/stalk one or both of those! ;)

as for this blog.. I will post all nails here, as well as on the afore mentioned sites, from tomorrow & beyond!! (beyond meaning, the foreseeable future)

if anyone has any requesta, feel free to comment.. if I have already done what you requested perhaps I will keep a list of them & then, once I reach a certain amount of accomplished requests, I will post a blog specifically of past manis..

however, if I haven't done a request, each one will have it's own blog ;)
(exceptions may be made.. i.e. of I get a request for Monsters Inc & Finding Nemo & 101 Dalmations & Rescuers, etc.. I would combine all of those manis in a singular "Disney Requests" blog.. or something like that)

so, yeah............ godnight y'all ♥♥

HELLO, Hello, hello.. (in my echoing voice)

so........ *awkward silence*


this is my very first blog..

what do I write?

well, how about I start by telling y'all a little bit about myself:

my name is Kayla, obviously, right? ;)
I am 23 years & counting.. (birthday: November 23rd)
I have an AMAZING boyfriend (Eric), who I love with my entire heart, mind & soul!
& we have a 3, almost 4, year old son (Ty) who will be starting Pre-K in August </3

I started this nail art journey in June of 2012 & I never looked back!!
I plan on going to school in 2014, once Ty is in kindergarten.

I am very family oriented.. I have 5 brothers (1 older & 4 younger)
I was raised by my dad.. & my Mema (grandmother/my dad's mom) is my best friend!
my other best friend (aka best bitch), Kelly, is a friend I've had since I was a sophomore in high school!!! she is my soul mate!! we wouldn't know what to do without one another!! she is also considered family!!!

I LOVE football.. Go Gators & Go Jaguars!!!
I love to cook.
& I am a shutterwhore (something I came up with one day lol)
(( camera whore: someone who takes a lot of pictures of themselves... shutter whore: someone who just takes a LOT of pictures, period!! ))
every single wall in my house has at LEAST one picture on it.. but most have 2 to 15.. I have a million albums & scrapbooks!! I thought I was bad in high school, & then I had a kid....... lmfao

well, that's pretty much it.. nothing else is of utmost importance..
but, if there is anything you would like to know, feel free to ask..
now, that doesn't mean I WILL absolutely tell you, but I most likely will ;)
I'm a pretty open book!!

now.. enough about me.. tell me something about you!!!
my next post will most likely be of nails.. just figured I'd attempt to introduce myself & mayne gain a few followers & learn about them, before I really get started..