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Monday, September 9, 2013

KicKass Beauty "Beach Boys" collection!

first up is
"Surfin' USA"

next swatch is of
"Kokomo" (tropical sands)

next up, is
"Fun Fun Fun"

then, we have
"California Girls"

finally, we have
"Good Vibrations"
(it glows in the dark!!) ;)

if you have any questions about prices of these polishes, want to see other polishes she has made/will make, or any other products she has to offer..
head on over to her Etsy shop:

Friday, September 6, 2013

Nail Polish-aholics Anonymous Anyone?

if there's NOT a place like that.. there sure needs to be!!!

I have just spent $200 today!!! :/

now, granted, some of it was for my Instagram contest/giveaway that I've got going on..
& some of it was for an AWESOME nail mail that I'm about to send out!! ;)

but still.. just on nail polish, for myself, I spent.. $92.20!!!!
& they were ALL indies (except for 2.. a refill of my favorite polish China Glaze "Atlantis" & a bottle of OPI's "The Living Daylights")


oh well, what can I say?
I haven't been able to buy ANYTHING in like 14 or 15 WEEKS!!!
this is making up for it ;)

who else has this problem??? lol

Sunday, September 1, 2013

31 Day Challenge: COLORS (created by: Chalkboard Nails)

I am going to "ATTEMPT" to do this..

wish me luck!!! ;)

I'm thinking that I'm gonna do each "section" in a different post
that way this one won't be so busy!!

Day 1: RED

colors used (from dark to light):
Orly "Torrid"
China Glaze "Red Satin"
Insta-Dri "Racey Rouge"
Lily of France "Sexiest"

China Glaze "Riveting"

colors used:
Kiss Nail Art "Beach Yellow"
Pixi "Evening Emerald"
Kiss Nail Art "Purple Glitter"

Day 4: GREEN
colors used:
Pure Ice "Wild Thing"
China Glaze "Starboard"
Pure Ice "I'll Behave"

Day 5: BLUE
colors used:
Color Club "Blue-Ming"
China Glaze "Liquid Leather"
& featuring Essie "Matte About You" (used on the right photo)

this polish Is just an unnamed Sally Girl mini polish :)

colors used:
Wet N' Wild "Blank Canvas"
China Glaze "Bling It On"

KicKass Beauty "California Girls"
p.s. you can find out more about this polish (& the other 4 in the collection,in my other blog post)

KicKass Beauty "Fun Fun Fun"
(info also in other blog post)

colors used:
Wet N' Wild "Who Is Ultra Violet"
WNW "The Clock Strikes Orange"
WNW "Stand The Test Of Lime"
KicKass Beauty "Good Vibrations" (also in the other blog post)

my baby boy is FOUR!!!

so, today is, my son, Ty's FOURTH birthday!!!!

it took me a while to decide what I wanted to paint for it..
not to mention that Ty gave me guidelines.. he said I had to use brown, black, green & white, & that I had to paint "him blowing out his candles"!! haha

after contemplating for a while, I finally narrowed it down to 2 design ideas:
**a few of his favorite TV characters on each nail
**the word "FOUR" written all cool (one letter on each nail)

but I was still struggling to choose one, because
on one hand, the characters are cool, & he would love them, but would it say "birthday"? would people have to ask why or would they just be able to look at it & know?

then, on the other hand.. the colorful & funky "FOUR" design, with ballons & confetti would be pretty self explainitory & would scream "birthday".. BUT it just seems generic & unpersonal!!

but then.. I got the GREATEST idea!!!
to COMBINE BOTH designs!!! :)

I am very happy with the way these nails turned out..
& Ty loves them! so that's all that matters!! ;)

without further adieu..

& just incase you may not know who one (or any) of these characters are:

index: Poppy Cat
middle: Caillou
ring: Blue (from Blue's Clues)
pinky: Super Why

& of course my thumb is Ty, blowing out his candles ;)

when I showed them to him, he said:
"that's not me!"
me: "yes it is.."
Ty: "well, it's not perfect! it looks kinda weird"

haha I love him! ;)
but I did end up realizing that I didn't paint a nose on him lol
oh well.. it's still cute!!! ♥♥