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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Influenster Vitality Vox Box FULL Review

***ALL of the products in this blog were provided, complimentary, by Influenster for testing/review purposes!! ALL opinions are MY OWN & honest!!!***

First Degree: Advanced Burn Cream .... $5.97-$8.99
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This product was a bit of a worry for me, at first.. I was hoping that no one would get burned for me to have to test it!! LOL
BUT, upon reading the description, I noticed that it is recommended for ALL types of burns, INCLUDING razor burn!!!!! :)
After reading that I felt a lot better!!!
I have VERY sensitive skin (especially in "REALLY delicate areas"... you ladies know what I'm talking about!!) ;) This stuff is cool & refreshing.. Calms the itch from the razor burn.. Of course, it isn't perfect, & it doesn't heal it in one fell swoop, BUT even the temporary relief was a blessing!! :)

Although, it was nice to put on my razor burn, I am not sure if I would be willing to pay 6 to 9 dollars for this product.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance .... $3.99
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Ok... I am STRICTLY a Tampax Pearl girl... Always have been (I don't even like other Tampax products)..
THAT being said.. The day I recieved the box, I had just started.. I decided to give them a try..
Upon insertion,  I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they felt & the scent was nice.. but that is where the good ends.. :/
After only an hour it started leaking!!! (disclaimer; I am NOT a heavy flow..)
I gave it the benefit of the doubt, I tried another.. 2 hours later, leaking AGAIN!!! :/
I was fed up!!! I compared the size & shape to my Pearls.. The Playtex tampons are substantially smaller, in every way.. lenght, width, etc..
As I stated, I have a light to medium flow.. Regular Tampax Pearl ONLY leaks when there is user error.. I have been using tampons for 12 years & I have NEVER had a leak twice in one day.. LET ALONE, twice in 3 hours!!!! :/
I do not like Playtex Sport tampons, & I would never buy them.
Maybe if someone has a VERY LIGHT flow, these will work for you? I do not see how these are supposed to protect you during "sport-like" activities, if they couldn't even hold up to a few household chores & some Netflix binging!!!

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceremide Caplet Serum .... $60 for 1 oz.
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Just like last time, I am still fairly young.. (25 in November)..
I do not "need" hep with wrinkles, BUT the other benefits of this serum are great!!!
They include: reinforcing your skin's moisture barrier, helps even skin tone, & helps even texture as well..
It is a nice thought, but I can't, honestly, see any results dure to the fact that I have pretty even skin tone & texture.. But it IS very moisturising!! :)

I would NOT pay $60 for this tiny amount, at least not in this stage of my life LOL
However, I am planing on giving the rest to my Mema (my grandmother) & seeing how she likes it!!! :)

Pure Leaf Iced Tea .... (no price given)
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I do not like tea.. Let me put that out there before I continue with this review..
I immediately put my bottle of Unsweetened Pure Leaf Iced Tea in my refrigerator.. If I was going to be tasting tea I had to give it the best advantage I could LOL
After several hours of chilling.. I shook the bottle, opened it, & took a a BIG swig.. then a couple of tinnier sips.. At first taste, especially for UNSWEETENED tea, it did not taste TOO bad!!! It wasn't too strong, as is the problem with most tea.
After a couple of sips, I couldn't do it anymore HAHA.. I added some sugar to it.. that helped.. add some lemon, I drank the whole bottle no problem lol
I would not, peronally, buy this tea... simply because I prefer water lol (& I don't like tea). But if you like tea, you may enjoy it :)

Softlips Cube .... $3.49
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I am a Chapstick ADDICT!!! I never leave home without it AND I am constantly applying it!!
I have tried other brands (Blistex, etc) & have never liked any of them!!
I was really excited to receive this adorable little cube!!! <3
It SMELLS SOOOOOO GOOD!!! AND it tastes even better!!! (although, I normally refrain from licking my lips, I just HAD to try it!!) ;)
This stuff is AMAZING!!! Moisturizes amazingly.. I will DEFINITELY be puchasing more when I run out!!! But I will still use my Chapstick too!! ;)

ITEM SIX: (select Influensters)
Bikini Ready Energy Gummies .... $14.99
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I was so excited to receive an ENTIRE bottle of these gummies!!!
They taste pretty good.. I was expecting more of an energized effect, but I think the fact that I am an avid coffee drinker, counteracts the small amount of caffeine that is in one serving (5 gummies).
Although, the taste was fine, the fact that you have to take 5 a day, that makes a full 15 dollar bottle of these last ONLY 10 days!!!!!! :/ So, obviously, I don't like the price!!!

All in all, I was fairly happy with most of the items in this vox box.. It had a great, diverse, collection of things to try!! The Softlips is my FAVORITE!!! <3

Again, if you read this WHOLE shpeel, thanks a million!!! :)

Love, Kayla! <3 <3 <3