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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Influenster Vitality Vox Box FULL Review

***ALL of the products in this blog were provided, complimentary, by Influenster for testing/review purposes!! ALL opinions are MY OWN & honest!!!***

First Degree: Advanced Burn Cream .... $5.97-$8.99
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This product was a bit of a worry for me, at first.. I was hoping that no one would get burned for me to have to test it!! LOL
BUT, upon reading the description, I noticed that it is recommended for ALL types of burns, INCLUDING razor burn!!!!! :)
After reading that I felt a lot better!!!
I have VERY sensitive skin (especially in "REALLY delicate areas"... you ladies know what I'm talking about!!) ;) This stuff is cool & refreshing.. Calms the itch from the razor burn.. Of course, it isn't perfect, & it doesn't heal it in one fell swoop, BUT even the temporary relief was a blessing!! :)

Although, it was nice to put on my razor burn, I am not sure if I would be willing to pay 6 to 9 dollars for this product.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance .... $3.99
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Ok... I am STRICTLY a Tampax Pearl girl... Always have been (I don't even like other Tampax products)..
THAT being said.. The day I recieved the box, I had just started.. I decided to give them a try..
Upon insertion,  I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they felt & the scent was nice.. but that is where the good ends.. :/
After only an hour it started leaking!!! (disclaimer; I am NOT a heavy flow..)
I gave it the benefit of the doubt, I tried another.. 2 hours later, leaking AGAIN!!! :/
I was fed up!!! I compared the size & shape to my Pearls.. The Playtex tampons are substantially smaller, in every way.. lenght, width, etc..
As I stated, I have a light to medium flow.. Regular Tampax Pearl ONLY leaks when there is user error.. I have been using tampons for 12 years & I have NEVER had a leak twice in one day.. LET ALONE, twice in 3 hours!!!! :/
I do not like Playtex Sport tampons, & I would never buy them.
Maybe if someone has a VERY LIGHT flow, these will work for you? I do not see how these are supposed to protect you during "sport-like" activities, if they couldn't even hold up to a few household chores & some Netflix binging!!!

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceremide Caplet Serum .... $60 for 1 oz.
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Just like last time, I am still fairly young.. (25 in November)..
I do not "need" hep with wrinkles, BUT the other benefits of this serum are great!!!
They include: reinforcing your skin's moisture barrier, helps even skin tone, & helps even texture as well..
It is a nice thought, but I can't, honestly, see any results dure to the fact that I have pretty even skin tone & texture.. But it IS very moisturising!! :)

I would NOT pay $60 for this tiny amount, at least not in this stage of my life LOL
However, I am planing on giving the rest to my Mema (my grandmother) & seeing how she likes it!!! :)

Pure Leaf Iced Tea .... (no price given)
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I do not like tea.. Let me put that out there before I continue with this review..
I immediately put my bottle of Unsweetened Pure Leaf Iced Tea in my refrigerator.. If I was going to be tasting tea I had to give it the best advantage I could LOL
After several hours of chilling.. I shook the bottle, opened it, & took a a BIG swig.. then a couple of tinnier sips.. At first taste, especially for UNSWEETENED tea, it did not taste TOO bad!!! It wasn't too strong, as is the problem with most tea.
After a couple of sips, I couldn't do it anymore HAHA.. I added some sugar to it.. that helped.. add some lemon, I drank the whole bottle no problem lol
I would not, peronally, buy this tea... simply because I prefer water lol (& I don't like tea). But if you like tea, you may enjoy it :)

Softlips Cube .... $3.49
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I am a Chapstick ADDICT!!! I never leave home without it AND I am constantly applying it!!
I have tried other brands (Blistex, etc) & have never liked any of them!!
I was really excited to receive this adorable little cube!!! <3
It SMELLS SOOOOOO GOOD!!! AND it tastes even better!!! (although, I normally refrain from licking my lips, I just HAD to try it!!) ;)
This stuff is AMAZING!!! Moisturizes amazingly.. I will DEFINITELY be puchasing more when I run out!!! But I will still use my Chapstick too!! ;)

ITEM SIX: (select Influensters)
Bikini Ready Energy Gummies .... $14.99
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I was so excited to receive an ENTIRE bottle of these gummies!!!
They taste pretty good.. I was expecting more of an energized effect, but I think the fact that I am an avid coffee drinker, counteracts the small amount of caffeine that is in one serving (5 gummies).
Although, the taste was fine, the fact that you have to take 5 a day, that makes a full 15 dollar bottle of these last ONLY 10 days!!!!!! :/ So, obviously, I don't like the price!!!

All in all, I was fairly happy with most of the items in this vox box.. It had a great, diverse, collection of things to try!! The Softlips is my FAVORITE!!! <3

Again, if you read this WHOLE shpeel, thanks a million!!! :)

Love, Kayla! <3 <3 <3

Monday, August 4, 2014

My FIRST post of MY Indie Polish line!!!

So.. There has been A LOT going on & a LOT more to come in the next few weeks!!!

I JUST realized that I have NOT posted a blog about MY polishes, in the 5 months that I have been open!!! :/

**cone of shame**

WELL.. That changes....... NOW!!! *points vigorously towards the ground while stomping one foot*

I am going to be sharing  my swatches of my "Fall Down, Like Autumn Leaves" Trio!!! <3

This polish trio is a collection of perfect, creamy, well... CREAMS!!! <3

I thought long & hard about which colors I wanted to include.. Now, the collection's name MAY suggest that I went with "leafy" colors (reds, yellows, browns, etc..) (which would have been beautiful, too)), but I did not.. I wanted to go with a couple of, lesser thoughts when it comes to Autumn, and one VERY appreciated aspect!!! :)

*** ALL SWATCHES ARE TOPPED WITH HK Girl Top Coat, with a matted accent using Essie "Matte About You" top coat!! ***

The first color I decided on was orange.. I didn't want too dark of a shade, & my FAVORITE thing about Fall is PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!!!! So, naturally, that was my inspiration.. AND the polish's name choice!! ;)

This is 2 easy coats & a top coat (one coat would have sufficed, BUT the polish addict in me insisted on an extra, just for polishing's sake LOL..

The NEXT color I decided on was green.. BUT having just done a green in my recently released Collab Collection with KicKass Beauty (Boyfriend Approved), I had to make sure it was different.. Seeing as how the BA polish (All-Star) was a BRIGHT, pistachio, lime green, I figured it wouldn't be TOO tough to Autumn-ize it & make a warmer shade of green.. I went with an olive green & it is, again, PERFECT!!!
Everyone always thinks of the leaves falling off of trees  when they think of Autumn, I created this polish, in honor of  the least thought of trees of Fall., "Evergreen"!! :)

This is ALSO 2, perfectly smooth coats (only one needed) & top coat!!! <3

The FINAL color choice I made, for this trio was, of course, blue!!! <3
I know there are TONS of blue cream polishes out there, but I wanted to give it a shot myself.. I feel that this deep, dark, soft blue is just GORGEOUS & PERFECT for Fall!!! <3
It is inspired by the amaxing, cool nights during the season. It's formula is just as crisp as the Autumn air!! <3
Here is "Autumn Nights"!!

Again, 2 luscious coats of this streak-free, cream, polish creation & a top coat!! :)

I hope you love these 3 polishes as much as i do!!! <3
They will be available for purchase in my shop in early September.
Follow my Instagram for ALL future updates, other swatches, & pricing!! ♡♡


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Influester TLC Vox Box- FULL review!!!

So, I was selected to receive the TLC Vox Box, from Influenster..


Breyer's Gelato Indulgences .... $4.49-$5.99
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My local Winn-Dixie only had 3 of the 4 offered flavors, in stock. Triple Chocolate, Raspberry Cheesecake, & Vanilla Caramel (Tiramisu was not available).
I had a tough time choosing between Raspberry Cheesecake & Vanilla Caramel ;)
Eventually, I decided to start with Vanilla Caramel, & if I liked it, I could always buy the raspberry later!!

My first thought when opening the container, was that it looked very neatly decorated. It is nice to see manufacturers taking the time to make their product appealing to the eyes.
I smelled it, prior to tasting it (lol), it definitely smelled as great as it looked!!

Now, onto the taste test!!
First bite was refreshing & cool. The flavor kinda reminds me of frozen cool whip (which I prefer to regular ice cream). The caramel was a great accent to the vanilla base, it added that extra flavor & texture.

I have never eaten gelato before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it is very sweet & rich. I couldn't eat more than about 5 bites, but that is simply because I am not much of a "sweets" person.
I feel that if you have a huge sweet tooth (or at least a bigger one than I do..), you would enjoy a larger helping, no problem!! :)

All in all.. definitely worth the $5.99 price tag, from my grocery store!!

travel size Puffs Plus Lotion .... $0.49 (per single pack)
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I have, actually, used Puffs Plus Lotion tissues before, & I love them!!!

I have horrible pollen allergies, & these tissues are so so soft. They don't rub my nose raw, when using them for long periods of time, like other tissues, or paper towels do.
The perfect size of the travel pack fits, conveniently in my purse (unlike the whole box would haha).
Each Pack comes with 10 tissues, not too many, but not too little either.

I would definitely buy them. I have before & will again!! :)

Neosporin: Neo To Go! .... $4.79-$7.50

I have had my eye on this adorable little antiseptic for the longest time!!! I ALWAYS buy the Neosporin in the tube, but have never ventured onto the spray.. Between my 4 year old, my boyfriend, & myself, someone is always getting hurt!!! lol I am an Antibacterial queen!!! I add some to every single cut or scrape on my son & myself!! I'd rather be safe than sorry!! ;)

I can't wait to have to use this bad boy (which will probably be sooner than later.........)

Literally FIVE minutes later, my son fell on the sidewalk at school!!! haha.. (not funny that he fell, funny that I was right lol.. come on, I'm not that mean!!) ;)

I used it on him once & now, EVERY SINGLE TIME he gets ANY kind of "boo boo", he comes running... "Mommy, you need to put Neso-sporin on it!!!" LOL!!!

I LOVE my Neosporin spray!!! It is SO much easier to deal with when we are out, just spray & add a bandaid.. No rubbing necessary. It is in my purse, for immediate access, when Ty falls, like he always does. When I run out I will be FORCED to go buy a couple more!!! DEFINITELY worth the price!!!

Ivory Original Bar Soap .... $3.99 (10 pack)
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I haven't used bar soap in the LONGEST time!!! I am more of a liquid soap kinda gal (Nutrium to be exact) :)

I am not too crazy about the smell of this soap.. I will probably be using it to shave with for my review......

In all honesty, I am not too thrilled with this soap.. Now, this is JUST MY opinion!!! It is different for everyone!!! I don't know if I have been spoiled by liquid body wash & soap for my shower, OR if I am just weirded out by soap that isn't antibacterial for washing hands, but I just can't get into using bar soap..The smell is not the greatest either (not that it "stinks") I just prefer a scent (usually Cherry Blossom or Pomegranate (or a mixture of both lol)).. Also, it doesn't moisturize my skin very well.. I would not purchase this on my own, but if you prefer bar soap then you can try for yourself, it is fairly priced & it lasts quite a while.

Avon Anew Reversalist Renewal Express .... $30
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WOW.. try saying THAT 10 times fast!!! (if you follow my Instagram, this joke is probably getting old :) lol)
Seeing as how I am only a few months away from a ripe age of 25, I don't really need this product, but I will still use it.. even if only for moisturization!! :)

Well, as I originally hypothesized, there is no noticable difference in my, relatively young, firm skin.. lol
But I know that my Mema, who is 63, uses this product & loves it!! :) Hope that helps.

Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card
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Who DOESN'T love to save money on gas?!?!?!?!?!
I already registered my card & can't wait to save that complimentary $0.25 per gallon!!!

It says on your second fill up, so it will be a little while before I can use it, seeing as how we JUST filled up the other day ;)

I have not purchased anything towards this card, but I appreciated the discount for signing up. I feel like this is very similar to the Winn-Dixie rewards card, but I like the fact that I know I have the freedom to use it elsewhere.

All in all, I was EXTREMELY pleased with the items in this VoxBox!!!
Again, ALL products were given to me, complimentary, by Influenster, for testing purposes!! :)

If you read his WHOLE post, I appreciate you!!! ;)
<3 <3 <3 <3

<3 Kayla!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Indie Line: Heather's Hues!!!

So, I have been wanting to try Heather's Hues for a while now!!!
VERY happy to say that, I FINALLY got my hands on some!!!

Today I am going to show you 3 polishes from her.. All 3 are completely different, but all very beautiful as well!!! <3
Let's get started.........

First up is

"Pier-fect Blue"

This deep blue jelly polish is loaded with scattered holo & the name DEFINITELY suits it well.. It is a "perfect" blue!!! <3

In my swatches I used 2 coats & my HK Girl Top Coat.

in the shade

in direct sun light

glossy macro, in sunlight

matte macro, in sunlight

The formula was a little bit thick, but it didn't hinder application. As I said, I used 2 coats in these swatches & it was completely opaque <3 So so glad that I chose this polish.. I've had my eye on it ever since I saw the first swatch!! It is the most gorgeous color & the holo is just UGH!!! <3

Next up is

"Part of Your World"

This polish is basically a glitter topper. It is mostly glitter, but it has a tiny bit of a periwinkle-esque base :)
It is inspired by Disney's Ariel <3 (aka The Little Mermaid)

For my swatches I used one coat over China Glaze "Liquid Leather", Color Club "Lavendarling", & KicKass Beauty "California Girls".

in shade

in direct sunlight

macro in sunlight

The application of this glitter was AWESOME!!! <3
I ONLY used ONE coat!!! So many glitters in one swipe & NO placement!! I did have to search for red glitter a little, just wish there were more of them (there probably are in a full size bottle.. I know how finicky mini bottle are!!) ;)
The color combo is PREFECT, I DEFINITELY see Ariel when I look at it, no doubt!!! <3

Finally, we have

"Colors of the Wind"

This BEAUTIFUL polish has a nude base (NOT tan, ACTUAL NUDE!!! <3) & has tons of tiny gold & black glitters, small teal squares, small dark brown hexes, & some small bronze glitters. It is inspired by Pocahontas!!! <3 

For my swatches I used 2 coats & my HK Girl Top Coat!!

in shade

in direct sunlight

glossy macro, in sunlight

matte macro, in sunlight

This creamy crelly polish has an AMAZING formula & perfect application!!! <3
This was the icing in the cake, for me.. I had been wanting to order for a while & then this baby came out & I couldn't wait any longer.. I spent money, that wasn't supposed to be spent, just to order, mainly for this polish!!!!! <3 (of course, I DO love the others too <3)
I am, currently, STILL wearing this polish & I will probably not take it off for a couple of days, at least!! <3 LMAO

All in all, Heather's Hues makes some beautiful polishes, with a GREAT eye for deatail.. Great color combinations & unique takes on old classics!!! <3
I can't WAIT to see what is up her sleeve ;)

be sure to click on the links that have been added into this review (Heather's Hues, Glisten & Glow, & KicKass Beauty).. they are ALL AWESOME indies & they are worth a follow & an order (or 6) haha!!!

I hope you enjoyed this review.. I will try to get on the ball & post more of them!!! ;)


If you like what you see, follow me!! <3

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AND, if you haven't already check out MY indie line, while you're stalking the ones listed above!! ;)
& stop by my store <3

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish

As, I stated in my previous blog.. I am starting an Indie Polish line!!!
It is called "Creative Cuticles Nail Polish".

My first 4 releases are:
"Gator Bait"
"Nail Besties"
"A Great Red"

I made a seperate Instagram account for my line CCNP IG,
I also have a shop!!

Be sure to follow the IG to keep updated on all important information regaurding pre-orders, sales, new polishes, & releases!!

I am planning a pre-order for my first 4 releases (date TBD).

I already have my whole year, & into next year, filled with polish collections!!! :)
I even have a few pre-order & release dates set!!! :)

I hope to do well enough in this endeavor to move forward so that I can keep making polishes.

I would TRULY appreciate your support!! <3 <3 <3

<3 Kayla

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


new year.. new goals..

There's tons in store for myself & my brand this year..
For starters, I will actually have a "brand"!! :)

I have decided to TRY out polish making..
I have not decided whether or not I will pursue it any further than making it for myself & friends & family.. OR if, in fact, I will attempt to become a small indie brand..

I already have a few polishes created in my head & on paper.. I have a list made of, hopefully, everything I will need to get this adventure started!!! ;)
I even have labels designed & ready to order!!! ;)

I will, of course, post my creations for you all to see.. & obviously I will be posting swatches!! ;)

As I said.. I'm not sure if I will have the time & space to truly commit to becoming a full on brand.. making & selling & all that.. BUT you guys will be the first to know!!! ♡♡

Also, on my agenda for "myself & my brand" is school.. I have found the perfect school.. or so it seems from the outside ;)
I have an interview/tour tomorrow (eeeep!!!)

I've known for sure that I was gonna find a way to make this dream happen, this year.. but until yesterday it almost seemes more like a hindrance than an opportunity..

I had looked & looked for a school that had the course I wanted to take..
I finally found one, but it seemed almost impossible & I knew it would cost us, big time..

That school was about 30 minutes drive from my house.. & the ONLY 2 roads to take to get there are pretty much the busiest un Jacksonville!!!
Also, I'd have to take Eric to work (which is 20 minutes away).. drive an hour back to get to the school.. then all the way back to get him.. all while trying to drop Ty off & pick him up also..

I had to be there at 8am (which is also the time Ty has to be dropped off at school..) until 5pm (which is 2 hours after Ty gets out of school.. which means I would have had to pay for either daycare (uuumm NOT!!!) or extended day (which is only $20 a week) BUT add that to our RAISED gas bill & I just can't see it.. :/

the only other option I could think of was to get a bus pass.. which is about $40 a month.. but we'd still have another $80 a month for extended day..



this other school, that I JUST found out exsisted YESTERDAY!!!!!!!

*is ONLY 2 miles from my house..
NO need to keep the car (unless it's raining or something..)

*classes are from 9am-3pm.. which means that I have an hour to get from Ty's school to mine (& I will only need about 20/30 minutes lol)
& I will only need MAYBE 20 minutes worth of "baby-sitting" time for Ty after school.. I have 2 possible options & I will find out if it's plausible soon.. if not.. $20 a week isn't too bad, I guess.. lol)

so.. I'm ALREADY stressing a million times less & I can CLEARLY see how this will be COMPLETELY possible!!!!!! ♡♡♡

I am sooo excited to het this year started.. this year is probably the first year of my 24 years of living that I am doing WHATEVER it takes to focus on myself & mothing else.. (with the exception of my family ♡♡♡)

so.. if you are as anxious as me to see these events unfold.. stick around!!! ;)

love, Kayla!!