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Monday, August 4, 2014

My FIRST post of MY Indie Polish line!!!

So.. There has been A LOT going on & a LOT more to come in the next few weeks!!!

I JUST realized that I have NOT posted a blog about MY polishes, in the 5 months that I have been open!!! :/

**cone of shame**

WELL.. That changes....... NOW!!! *points vigorously towards the ground while stomping one foot*

I am going to be sharing  my swatches of my "Fall Down, Like Autumn Leaves" Trio!!! <3

This polish trio is a collection of perfect, creamy, well... CREAMS!!! <3

I thought long & hard about which colors I wanted to include.. Now, the collection's name MAY suggest that I went with "leafy" colors (reds, yellows, browns, etc..) (which would have been beautiful, too)), but I did not.. I wanted to go with a couple of, lesser thoughts when it comes to Autumn, and one VERY appreciated aspect!!! :)

*** ALL SWATCHES ARE TOPPED WITH HK Girl Top Coat, with a matted accent using Essie "Matte About You" top coat!! ***

The first color I decided on was orange.. I didn't want too dark of a shade, & my FAVORITE thing about Fall is PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!!!! So, naturally, that was my inspiration.. AND the polish's name choice!! ;)

This is 2 easy coats & a top coat (one coat would have sufficed, BUT the polish addict in me insisted on an extra, just for polishing's sake LOL..

The NEXT color I decided on was green.. BUT having just done a green in my recently released Collab Collection with KicKass Beauty (Boyfriend Approved), I had to make sure it was different.. Seeing as how the BA polish (All-Star) was a BRIGHT, pistachio, lime green, I figured it wouldn't be TOO tough to Autumn-ize it & make a warmer shade of green.. I went with an olive green & it is, again, PERFECT!!!
Everyone always thinks of the leaves falling off of trees  when they think of Autumn, I created this polish, in honor of  the least thought of trees of Fall., "Evergreen"!! :)

This is ALSO 2, perfectly smooth coats (only one needed) & top coat!!! <3

The FINAL color choice I made, for this trio was, of course, blue!!! <3
I know there are TONS of blue cream polishes out there, but I wanted to give it a shot myself.. I feel that this deep, dark, soft blue is just GORGEOUS & PERFECT for Fall!!! <3
It is inspired by the amaxing, cool nights during the season. It's formula is just as crisp as the Autumn air!! <3
Here is "Autumn Nights"!!

Again, 2 luscious coats of this streak-free, cream, polish creation & a top coat!! :)

I hope you love these 3 polishes as much as i do!!! <3
They will be available for purchase in my shop in early September.
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