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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How Does Married Life Feel?

Well, as of today, Eric & I have been married for a month (no matter which way you gauge "a month" (4 weeks, or corresponding dates)).
People keep asking me how it feels to be married..
I know, I knew it was coming, lol
Honestly, being married kinda feels like each birthday you have after 22.....
How does it feel to be (insert age here)?
How does it feel to be married?
(both get the same answer lol)
Well, it feels pretty much the same as it did before.
"I have a new (age) name.. that's kind of weird, but it's growing on me.. the only time it confuses me a little is when I have to say it or write it..
there's always a slight hesitation."
You don't ever "feel" older on your birthday.. It usually takes a few to realize you're not 20 anymore lol..
Well, as far as marriage goes, our relationship doesn't "feel" any different.
I still love him just as much as before, more every day..
We still sleep in the same spots & positions.. Our life still consists of the same day to day routines..
Now, perhaps it is a bit different for those who don't live together until marriage..
Maybe that's the norm.. and the reason for the question, usually..
But, when you've already created a life together, getting married seems more like just a piece of paper & some new jewelry lol
I KNOW it means more than that.. but, people don't ask you "what does married life mean to you?"..
They ask how it feels....
Now, if you ask me what it means to me, you may get a bit of a better answer..
My marriage means everything to me!
Not that my premarriage relationship didn't mean everything, it did!
It means that the only thing left for Eric to give the woman that he's given the whole world to, was his name.
It means that I have to put his wedding ring back on him after every time he washes his hands & leaves it on the counter 
It means that we are, hopefully, only weeks away from the adoption going through.
It means that when someone asks me about my "husband", I can actually answer, without the awkward "correction" (well, I stopped correcting people about a year ago anyways.. lol), or pausing first..
It means I love it when someone refers to me as Mrs. Creech 
It means that I smile like a lunatic when Eric refers to me as his wife 
It means that we loved & valued our love for each other SO much, that we had a great big party to celebrate it with our closest family & friends!!! 
"married life" feels the same.. but it still means SO much!!! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Becoming Mrs. Creech

Well, I ended up staying busy with last minute set up & details until about 4:30pm (note, the wedding was at 6pm lol)

I was still filling deviled eggs when the photographer arrived.. Everyone had taken showers except for Nicole & myself.. I ripped one of the whites, so I ate it... realizing I hadn't eaten ANYTHING ALL day!!!

After I finished the eggs, I tried to help with something else, and I was blocked & told to go get in the shower, and that they would take care of everything from there..................

I ran and hopped into the shower.. Probably the quickest shower I have ever taken LMAO
I even shaved...

When I got out I realized that I STILL hadn't done my nails.. so.. I put on my under garments & sat on the bed to paint my nails... Judy was telling me I needed to get my hair blow dried... So, they got a chair & started blow drying my hair..

Just about then, Amy arrived... I had only done ONE coat of polish on my right hand, at this point... Amy took over from there (for my nail gals.. Amy is @tepiddeath)... So, she is doing my nails & we decide that I should put my dress on so the photographer could come in... Stormy has now started on my hair & the photographer was shooting away <3... Once my nails were almost finished I realized I had made a mistake hahahahaha... It was time to take my whitening strip off & my nails were FRESHLY painted.......... Amy to the rescue!!! <3 she pulled my strips off  for me!!!! (we have photographic proof hahahaha)

So, then...... my hair is getting finished, and my nails... Amy got me a beer lol

Once my hair was finished we decided to zip up my dress... And then, Nicole put the pearls around my neck, to which we both commented on how we were surprised that we weren't crying.. then, we hugged & the tears started flowing.. Amy to the rescue with some amazing eye drops hahahahahaha..

Now, Mema has arrived with the ring box (it is about 6 now...)
She gets all of that handled...
It's time for my Dad to come in, now.. We have our shot bottles ready (of course Dad & mine are "3 shot" bottles).. We take a few pictures when he first sees me.. We didn't get shot glasses, so we decide we will just swig a shot straight from the bottles... Dad says he will be dowing the whole bottle...
Count of 3 we go.... I down my whole bottle in 2 seconds (THREE shots!!).... Dad didn't... everyone is yelling "Kayla, what did you do?! lol" ... Dad says he was just joking when he said that, but then downs the rest of his bottle, as well.. HAHAHAHA...

So, here I am...
NO food.. a beer, and 3 shots...
And it's time to walk down the aisle!!!!!

I go out...........

It was perfect!!! 8 minutes of perfection!!!
Eric's vows were perfect.
My vows got the reaction I was looking for.
I didn't cry, nearly as much as I thought I would (probably had a LOT to do with my friend Jack Daniels ;))
After the ceremony, we took SO many pictures!!!!!!

By the time we were finished, I was beginning to feel the alcohol.. So, I made myself 2 plates of food & went to our table lol

I probably managed to get 6 whole bites in, between kisses & photos... and then, the festivities began...
Our dance.. My Dad & my dance.. Ty & my dance..
The garter toss (Brandon caught it.)
The bouquet toss (Lorraine caught it.)
The cake.. We did good, we didn't shove the cake in each others face... until AFTER the feeding lol

Then, after a little socializing, it was time for toasts.. I went to eat more of my food... only to find that my mother had taken the ribbon off of my cake & put it on my plate.........
Oh well, I was JUST informed that we had to give a toast first, anyhow!!!!!
Good thing I am quick on my feet!!! ;)
After me....
Dad gave a toast..
Kalem (best man) gave a toast.
Kelly (maid of honor) gave a toast.

By the time all of that was finished a few people were getting ready to leave.
I feel like as soon as I finished saying hello to everyone, I was already saying bye to some...

After saying bye to a few people, I went straight over to the food & ate a couple of eggs!!!

The rest was just a blur.. I t went by SO quickly!!!
We took several FULL FAMILY photos on the dance floor!!! :)

And more & more people were leaving...
Pretty much everyone was gone by 10pm..
And the rest who remained sang karaoke & had a few beers until we all went inside & went to bed..

I woke up the next morning & saw all of the photos & videos that some guests had posted.
The video of Autumn & Ty just made my entire life!!!!!!!!!! <3

My wedding was perfect.
So many amazing people put in SO much to help make it so, and I will FOREVER be grateful to them all!!!!! <3

First thing Monday morning (March 28th) I went to the Courthouse to file our marriage license & got our copies... Went to the Social Security office, also... They told me I had to wait 2 days to change my license.. Went to do that on Wednesday, and then updated my bank & all that needed ID proof, as well!!!

I have been married for 16 days, now.... And I am JUST starting to get used to seeing my new last name lol

(pictures will be added once I get them from the photographer!!!) <3