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Monday, November 27, 2017

2018 Swatcher Questionnaire

Please respond by December 6th for the best chance of being matched with what would suit you best!  The first swatcher packs will ship around the 8th or 9th.
I will take this post down once I have filled all available positions.
Answer honestly, there is no right or wrong answer. Some questions are not even relevant to any 2018 releases. 

Name & Address:

IG Handle:
Blog link (if applicable):
YouTube link (if applicable):

1. Do you like Multichrome? Or are you over it?
2. Do you like plain cremes?
3. Do you like micro glitter/micro flakes?
4. Do you like jellies?
5. Do you like Crellies?
6. What is your FAVORITE color? (Please list only one.)
7. What is your LEAST favorite color? (Please list only one.)
8. What are your thoughts on karma?
9. What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day?
10. What are your thoughts about football?
11. What are your thoughts about keeping polish colors in the "seasonal" realms? (i.e. neons only in Summer, deep shades only in Autumn, pastels only in Spring, etc.)
12. Do you need full coverage? Or is a little VNL ok, sometimes? (i.e. sort of sheer polishes that are not supposed to be opaque.. jellies, for instance.)
13. What are your thoughts on penguins?
14. What's your favorite animal?
15. What's the one polish type or color that you just don't have enough of?!
COPY & PASTE this questionnaire AND your answers into an email & send to:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How Does Married Life Feel?

Well, as of today, Eric & I have been married for a month (no matter which way you gauge "a month" (4 weeks, or corresponding dates)).
People keep asking me how it feels to be married..
I know, I knew it was coming, lol
Honestly, being married kinda feels like each birthday you have after 22.....
How does it feel to be (insert age here)?
How does it feel to be married?
(both get the same answer lol)
Well, it feels pretty much the same as it did before.
"I have a new (age) name.. that's kind of weird, but it's growing on me.. the only time it confuses me a little is when I have to say it or write it..
there's always a slight hesitation."
You don't ever "feel" older on your birthday.. It usually takes a few to realize you're not 20 anymore lol..
Well, as far as marriage goes, our relationship doesn't "feel" any different.
I still love him just as much as before, more every day..
We still sleep in the same spots & positions.. Our life still consists of the same day to day routines..
Now, perhaps it is a bit different for those who don't live together until marriage..
Maybe that's the norm.. and the reason for the question, usually..
But, when you've already created a life together, getting married seems more like just a piece of paper & some new jewelry lol
I KNOW it means more than that.. but, people don't ask you "what does married life mean to you?"..
They ask how it feels....
Now, if you ask me what it means to me, you may get a bit of a better answer..
My marriage means everything to me!
Not that my premarriage relationship didn't mean everything, it did!
It means that the only thing left for Eric to give the woman that he's given the whole world to, was his name.
It means that I have to put his wedding ring back on him after every time he washes his hands & leaves it on the counter 
It means that we are, hopefully, only weeks away from the adoption going through.
It means that when someone asks me about my "husband", I can actually answer, without the awkward "correction" (well, I stopped correcting people about a year ago anyways.. lol), or pausing first..
It means I love it when someone refers to me as Mrs. Creech 
It means that I smile like a lunatic when Eric refers to me as his wife 
It means that we loved & valued our love for each other SO much, that we had a great big party to celebrate it with our closest family & friends!!! 
"married life" feels the same.. but it still means SO much!!! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Becoming Mrs. Creech

Well, I ended up staying busy with last minute set up & details until about 4:30pm (note, the wedding was at 6pm lol)

I was still filling deviled eggs when the photographer arrived.. Everyone had taken showers except for Nicole & myself.. I ripped one of the whites, so I ate it... realizing I hadn't eaten ANYTHING ALL day!!!

After I finished the eggs, I tried to help with something else, and I was blocked & told to go get in the shower, and that they would take care of everything from there..................

I ran and hopped into the shower.. Probably the quickest shower I have ever taken LMAO
I even shaved...

When I got out I realized that I STILL hadn't done my nails.. so.. I put on my under garments & sat on the bed to paint my nails... Judy was telling me I needed to get my hair blow dried... So, they got a chair & started blow drying my hair..

Just about then, Amy arrived... I had only done ONE coat of polish on my right hand, at this point... Amy took over from there (for my nail gals.. Amy is @tepiddeath)... So, she is doing my nails & we decide that I should put my dress on so the photographer could come in... Stormy has now started on my hair & the photographer was shooting away <3... Once my nails were almost finished I realized I had made a mistake hahahahaha... It was time to take my whitening strip off & my nails were FRESHLY painted.......... Amy to the rescue!!! <3 she pulled my strips off  for me!!!! (we have photographic proof hahahaha)

So, then...... my hair is getting finished, and my nails... Amy got me a beer lol

Once my hair was finished we decided to zip up my dress... And then, Nicole put the pearls around my neck, to which we both commented on how we were surprised that we weren't crying.. then, we hugged & the tears started flowing.. Amy to the rescue with some amazing eye drops hahahahahaha..

Now, Mema has arrived with the ring box (it is about 6 now...)
She gets all of that handled...
It's time for my Dad to come in, now.. We have our shot bottles ready (of course Dad & mine are "3 shot" bottles).. We take a few pictures when he first sees me.. We didn't get shot glasses, so we decide we will just swig a shot straight from the bottles... Dad says he will be dowing the whole bottle...
Count of 3 we go.... I down my whole bottle in 2 seconds (THREE shots!!).... Dad didn't... everyone is yelling "Kayla, what did you do?! lol" ... Dad says he was just joking when he said that, but then downs the rest of his bottle, as well.. HAHAHAHA...

So, here I am...
NO food.. a beer, and 3 shots...
And it's time to walk down the aisle!!!!!

I go out...........

It was perfect!!! 8 minutes of perfection!!!
Eric's vows were perfect.
My vows got the reaction I was looking for.
I didn't cry, nearly as much as I thought I would (probably had a LOT to do with my friend Jack Daniels ;))
After the ceremony, we took SO many pictures!!!!!!

By the time we were finished, I was beginning to feel the alcohol.. So, I made myself 2 plates of food & went to our table lol

I probably managed to get 6 whole bites in, between kisses & photos... and then, the festivities began...
Our dance.. My Dad & my dance.. Ty & my dance..
The garter toss (Brandon caught it.)
The bouquet toss (Lorraine caught it.)
The cake.. We did good, we didn't shove the cake in each others face... until AFTER the feeding lol

Then, after a little socializing, it was time for toasts.. I went to eat more of my food... only to find that my mother had taken the ribbon off of my cake & put it on my plate.........
Oh well, I was JUST informed that we had to give a toast first, anyhow!!!!!
Good thing I am quick on my feet!!! ;)
After me....
Dad gave a toast..
Kalem (best man) gave a toast.
Kelly (maid of honor) gave a toast.

By the time all of that was finished a few people were getting ready to leave.
I feel like as soon as I finished saying hello to everyone, I was already saying bye to some...

After saying bye to a few people, I went straight over to the food & ate a couple of eggs!!!

The rest was just a blur.. I t went by SO quickly!!!
We took several FULL FAMILY photos on the dance floor!!! :)

And more & more people were leaving...
Pretty much everyone was gone by 10pm..
And the rest who remained sang karaoke & had a few beers until we all went inside & went to bed..

I woke up the next morning & saw all of the photos & videos that some guests had posted.
The video of Autumn & Ty just made my entire life!!!!!!!!!! <3

My wedding was perfect.
So many amazing people put in SO much to help make it so, and I will FOREVER be grateful to them all!!!!! <3

First thing Monday morning (March 28th) I went to the Courthouse to file our marriage license & got our copies... Went to the Social Security office, also... They told me I had to wait 2 days to change my license.. Went to do that on Wednesday, and then updated my bank & all that needed ID proof, as well!!!

I have been married for 16 days, now.... And I am JUST starting to get used to seeing my new last name lol

(pictures will be added once I get them from the photographer!!!) <3

Monday, March 14, 2016

The FINAL (engagement) countdown!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016 -14 Days until "I do!"

Well, Nicole & I figured out how we will set up the food tables.
We also got ALL of the candles cut & put into their holders (the ones for the aisle).
We need more for the extra tables. (Those will be the round tables we borrow from Sue)

We hung the net light on the tree :)
It looks so pretty!!!

Dad & Eric cut all of the direction signs for us.. just have to paint "wedding" on them.

We didn't get much else done, because of Brady's bday party, back in Jax.. We DID stop by Walmart on the way there, and I bought my SD Card, the other candles, the frame for our puzzle & the balloons for the direction signs... They were OUT of round white table cloths.....

Sunday, March 13, 2016 -13 Days until "I do!"

Today we woke up & went into Gainesville to go to a few stores..
Target to exchange a swim suit for Brady, we checked out the table cloths... nothing..

The Party Shop... also nothing for table cloths (we need 20!!!)

Walmart.. FINALLY!!! BUT they only had 12 round ones... got them all, plus the 6 rectangle ones we needed.

Home Depot, for the last bit of tiles Nicole needed for her bathroom floor...

Got back, the guys had just returned.. They had to go run a few errands, as well..

I painted the direction signs & the seating sign..

Eric finished building the dance floor..

Also, I called & paid for Dad's shirt.. When I'm getting off the phone the lady says we can pick them up after 3pm on the 24th............................ :/ That threw a wrench in ALL of my plans... I wanted to go that morning & get them so that we could be out to Melrose at a decent time to finish getting last minute things done.... So, I asked Kelly if she would pick up Eric's, Ty's, & my Dad's when she picks hers up (they're ALL paid for already lol), and just bring them with her. Luckily, she's the best MAid of Honor, EVER, and said no problem!!!

So, our plan is to leave here Wednesday prevening & then go grocery shopping FIRST thing Thursday morning.. Get back to the house & get to work..

We still have to nail the direction signs to the posts, we have to make the streamer wall & hang it.. and a few other things that are on my list......

Eric's dad may be picking up the chairs for us & my dad will be going to get the round tables on Sunday, after they get back from their vacation (they leave tomorrow morning).

I didn't get the coasters coated...... gotta go this week and buy the stuff...

THEN.......... after we already left Dad's I get a text that says I forgot the DAMN box of coasters!!!!!!!! :/

Nicole says she will be in OP tomorrow, and I tell her I will meet her there!!

Monday, March 14, 2016 -12 Days until "I do!"

Took Ty to school, then waited for Autumn to get here (Ashley was running late.. stupid time change lol)

As soon as Autumn got here (around 8:40), we headed out..
Went to Lowe's & I bought the Purple Orchid, the coating for the coasters, & a loop hook for the streamer wall..

Stopped by Winn Dixie to check the price of their beans & see how long the Expiration date was (to know if they would last 3 days ,if we bought them on Wednesday of next week..), only to find out that they NO LONGER make their beans!!!!!!!! WTF?!!?!?!?!?! Those are my FAVORITE!!!! :(

Then, onto Walmart had to check out the tea (price & how long on expiration for Wednesday pick-up lol) & got the last 8 round table cloths, the 2 8x10 pictures I needed (one of Eric's Mom & one of Eric's Granny) <3.. I also picked up all the stuff for Ty's Easter Basket :)..... As I am finishing ordering the photos, the intercom comes on & says "sorry for the inconvenience, but they will ONLY be accepting cash for a while" (their freaking credit card machines were down!!!)...

I had to leave, go to an ATM, & then come back to buy all of my stuff..... :/
After ALL of that.... We didn't have time to stop at Dollar Tree.. I had to drive to meet Nicole to pick up the coasters.. So, I end up getting over there about half an hour early & go into the Dollar Tree right by the meeting spot lol.. I went in for TP & the cheap, little, plastic champagne glasses.... I walked out with that PLUS 2 scarves, a butterfly headband for Autumn, some gum, and another thing for Ty's basket LMAO........

So, I get done, meet Nicole.. I gave her the bag of cups & forget to give her the table cloths... lol

Stopped & got some gas & was back home by 11:30ish!!!!!!!

I put together Ty's basket, hid it in my room..
I made some bobby pins for my hair, with my flowers... I will insert them into my braid :)

I wanna put the puzzle together tonight & then, maybe get started on sealing the coasters.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 -11 Days until "I do!"

So, we tried the polyurethane spray last night.... even after 5 coats, it still didn't seem to be working..... I decided to take them back & ask what I should get..

I took them back & brought a coaster with me, for a visual & physical aid in explanation.
The lady told me it was too dry, and was just absorbing the poly... (that's what I said last night, minus the "too dry" part lol)...
She told me maybe I need to condition it first...
THEN, she went & got a can of conditioner and a can of polyurethane..
She tried it out.. Sat there & did it.. conditioned it, then coated it with sealer... blow drying inbetween layers.. BEST customer service I have EVER received!!!

I bought that stuff.. only $1 more than what I spent on the spray lol..

I conditioned all of the coasters & then sealed about half of them.
They look SO great!!!!

I plan on finishing the rest on Friday. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 -10 Days until "I do!"

Well, I was planning on spending the day with my best friend tomorrow, BUT her stupid work called her in!!!!!! :/
Ok, ok..... it is because her coworker's kid has strep... I guess that's an acceptable reason....

We switched to Sunday, which is my ONLY free day between now & the wedding!!!!! <3

This means I will be finishing the coasters tomorrow, as well as restocking a few polishes in my shop... It is my LAST kid free day before the wedding.... Friday starts Spring Break!!!

I will update once I finish them!!! <3

Thursday, March 17, 2016 -9 Days until "I do!"


Well, I went to Mema's today...
Just to drop in & check on progress..

She finished my garters & they are GORGEOUS!!!! They fit amazing, too!!!
The new ribbon on the 2nd tier of the chandelier is perfect!!!

We finalized the design of the topper, boutonnieres, flower girl basket, & cufflinks..

I gave her a few extra things for Amanda's bouquet.

She will be having the final photos printed on Friday.

I finished the coasters, today, as well!!! (more like gave up... a LOT of cussing was involved HAHAHAHA)

I spilled the polyurethane ALL over myself...
AS SOON AS I finished coating the FIRST set, it started RAINING!!!!!

I counted how many we have, including the ones I coated today... 67... I texted Eric & asked him if he thought that was enough.... he agreed... after all, we only have 65 RSVP's AND 20 of those are CHILDREN!!! lol.... I'm sure 67 is MORE than enough... so, check THAT off of my lists!!!

I also just sat down & rewrote some final lists, one for here (things we have to do before Wednesday).. one for Mema's (for Tuesday).. & one for Dad's for Thursday & Friday (& a TINY bit for Saturday!!)

THEN......... I emailed a draft of our full ceremony to my Aunt Jean (who is officiating for us <3)...
Awaiting approval ;)

EEEP!!! it's SO DAMN close!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2016 -8 Days until "I do!"

Well, today starts my week of teeth whitening lol
How cute am I?!?!?! ;) HAHAHAHA

Monday, March 21, 2016 -5 Days until "I do!" 

We went down to the court house today, & bought our marriage license!!! <3

Bought Eric's pants, and a new bottle of the polish that I will be using for my wedding mani!!! :)

Tomorrow will be a long day lol..... got a LONG list of things to finish making & hopefully, we can get it all finished by a decent time... I wanna bring them all home tomorrow lol

Still trying to figure out the best way to handle giving everyone their cuff links........

*******the laptop is already packed & I'm on my phone app.. I will correct the following colors later.. :)**********

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 -4 Days until "I do!"

I woke up a little later than I planned..
got to Mema's around 9am.

we buckled down & got ALL 6 of the boutonniers finisbed, they look so great!!!

then, we moved on to Amanda's bouquet..
then Autumn's flower girl basket, and then Autumn's barrette  (we made 2 to have a backup).

Mema then stained the ring box..

after that it just after was 1pm.. and we took a 30 minute lunch break.

after lunch we got RIGHT back into things.
we got all of the cufflinks put toget her & then assembled all of the cufflink boxes :)

(R-L, T-B; Ty (ring bearer), Eric (groom), my Dad, Kelly (maid of honor), Brandon (groomsman), & Kalem (best man))

then, we put a few finishing touches on the chandelier :)
it was beautiful before, but it is perfect, now!!! <3

She got started on a set of special coasters for Eric & I.

She still has to make our cake topper & finish the ring box, but other than that we are FINISHED!!!!!! :)

We hung the chandelier in my car & I packed everything else & put that box in my car.

Tomorrow is packing day!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 -3 Days until "I do !"

I woke up & packed everything this morning lol

Eric is making sure that the cooler is clean, right now.

We will be leaving around 4:30, we have to meet Eric's Dad at 5 to pick up the reception chairs... THEN, it's straight out to Melrose & we will be there until Sunday evening!!!

I am stressing about forgetting something...
I have a HUGE list & I have everything packed & checked off, but I feel like I'm forgetting something, still...........

met up with Nicole & Mike to get all of the chairs..

well, we went grocery shopping tonight, instead... I'm already over budget, & we still need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2016 -2 Days until "I do!"

when I laid down last night I remembered what I was forgetting......... my super fine sharpies for the guest book.....

finished grocery shopping, picked up Lorraine's cooler & ice for the guests, and picked up a few other little things we still needed... including more sharpies.

Kelly picked up all of the wedding shirts.

we got started on the streamer wall... nowhere near enough streamer....

Friday, March 25, 2016 -1 Day until "I do!"

We got more streamer & more tea (the guys drank one gallon..)

we cleaned all day.

we used ALL the streamer we bought yesterday & it STILL isn't enough!!!
we'd need about 6 more rolls to finish, and I don't wanna buy them OR spend the time doing it anymore lmao.. we will hang a half wall haha

I boiled & shelled the eggs, I will mix & refill tomorrow, cut Cucumbers & bell peppers & make the veggie platter, make the cheese/pep platter, make the pulled chicken.. and all the other food we need, tomorrow.

I gave Dad, Eric, & Ty their cufflinks.. they love them!! <3

We also got the wedding CD finished!!!

still have quite a bit to do tomorrow..
I figure I will come in & start getting ready around 4/4:30....

Saturday, March 26, 2016 -Day of Wedding!!!!!!

Dad, Eric Ryan, & Vernon left a little while ago (around 5:30 am) to go get Bryce...
they left so early because it's about a 3 hour round trip!!! :/

they will stop & get hair cuts on the way back, AND inflate the balloons, attach then to the signs, & put the signs out on their way back.

I should go back to sleep, but I can't!

I'm getting married TODAY!!!!!!!! <3

(I will be posting one last blog... to hear all about my day & see some pictures, go check it out!!!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Diary of a Short & (sometimes, not so) Sweet Engagement

Eric & I have been together for nearly 6 & a half years!!!
(6 years, 4 months, & 4 days by the day of our, official, engagement)

This giant life event had stopped being an "if" & became a "when" a LONG time ago!!!
Well, the "when" is, FINALLY, HERE!!!!!!

On Monday, January 18, 2016, Eric & I, FINALLY, got engaged!!!

Here's a LITTLE pre-engagement timeline..

  • December 27, 2015: On the way to see "The Force Awakens", we decided that we should, finally, get married the following year.. Preferably, before we bought our house the coming summer.
  • January 16, 2016: We decide to go buy the rings.
  • January 17, 2016: We take a trip out to Melrose so that Eric can ask my Dad's permission, before we go through with the proposal. He says YES!!!
Monday, January 18, 2016 -68 Days until "I do!"

Ok... Now, we are to THE day!!
I go and pick up the ring around 3:30pm.
Eric gets home around 6:30pm.
He, officially, proposes.. Although, I knew it was coming, I still cried when he asked & put the ring on my finger.. It was REAL in that moment!!!

So, now that we are engaged, I send a picture to my Dad & Nicole.. I send a picture to my best friend.. I send a picture to a few other people.. We head to my Grandparent's house to tell them all.

My Mom, Grandmama, Granddaddy, Brother (Chris), Niece (Autumn), Uncle David, Casey (David's Fiancee), & Jordan (Casey's son) were all there!!!
They knew something was up as soon as we walked in, honestly, they probably knew as soon as I asked them if they would all be home that evening HAHA.

We told them, of course, everyone was excited & happy for us!!

We called Eric's Dad on our way home, meanwhile my Dad & Nicole were about to die if I didn't give them the "go ahead" to announce it on Facebook!!

We get home, & Eric announces it, I announce it.
Eric goes ahead & creates an E-Invite on Facebook..

Here's is where the annoyance comes in..... haha

We planned for the wedding to be a simple ceremony, just our closest family & friends.
Once we start inviting people, it turned from 36 to 86!!!!!!!
Our original venue wasn't going to have enough parking..
I have been dreaming of having our wedding there for THREE YEARS!!!!!!
We found a new venue.. PLENTY of parking!!!
So, we changed it, and the time due to an event that we have to wait to end before we can have the wedding.......

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 -67 Days until "I do!"

Today is the day that I go tell my Mema the good news!!!
I walk into her house & she is in her room.. I go back there, she is talking about I don't even remember what haha. As I am walking up to her, palm facing my face, it takes her a minute to realize..
She sees the ring & it hits her!!!!
She hugs me and is still jumping up & down, I'm crying again!!! haha

I spent the whole day with her, just talking about the wedding & what I want.

Meanwhile, Eric hatches a brilliant plan to move the date up a week, so that we can get married on the first day of his vacation, instead of the 2nd to last.. Great, right?

So, he changes the date on the E-Invite.....

Then, a little while later, I am reminded that my Dad, Nicole, & three of my brothers will be in Tennessee that whole week!!!
I call him & reinform him of why we chose the 26th, in the first place.. he changes the E-Invite back....

Then, as I am getting ready to leave I am showing my Mema the 2 venues online...
Well, while looking at the new one & longing for the first, we realize that the new one doesn't have an AISLE!!! Not only that, BUT, the "stage" where we would be standing is about 3 feet off of the groud..
We start brainstorming.. a ramp?
I tell her I will talk to Eric about it & see what he thinks...

I get home & inform him of the newest wrench in our plans, and we decide to see if my Dad & Nicole would still be willing to let us have the whole thing at their house!!
Of course, they agree, immediately.

uh-oh..... I smell ANOTHER change announcement coming on.................... 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 -66 Days until "I do!"

We get the address from Nicole... Eric changed it on the E-Invite..

People are confused & annoyed...


We should be taking our Invitation/Save the Date photo this Saturday, THEN I can order them & everyone will KNOW that this is IT!!!
NO MORE changes!!!!

I love how we planned this, small, intimate gathering of our family & best friends, with a dinner afterwards..... and NOW.. I am planning a FULL BLOWN wedding in TWO MONTHS... with, virtaully, NO BUDGET!!!!!!!!
***wish me luck.. and let's hope I still have enough hair for the BIG day!!! haha***

We have started planning!!!
I have so many ideas & zero funds hahaha
Luckily, I know SEVERAL crafty people, and once we put ALL of our craftiness together, we SHOULD be able to nail this wedding!!! <3

We decided we will go "price shopping" for the Cherry Blossoms & other crafty ideas, next week..
Also, we may only need 5 or 6 tables... not 10

Thursday, January 21, 2016 -65 Days until "I do!"

Today we found out that a friend of Nicole's, who is a florist, will make my bouquet for the cost of materials!!! That is, probably, the BEST news, so far!!!!

Then, we found out that she also knows someone who will let us borrow 75 chairs!!!!!! (chairs are $1.20, each, to rent!)

Mom is gonna handle our cake, whether she bakes it herself, or  has Jennifer do it.

I need to figure out what my "old, new, borrowed, blue" things will be..... Maybe Nicole still has her veil? Can you combine them? like something old that I borrow? or something new, that is blue? Hmmmmmm...

We will be taking our invitation photo on Saturday!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!! :)

Just had a RANDOM THOUGHT: at least I already know what I wanna have on my nails for the Weddng!!! ;) I have had them planned for 3 years!!! AND, *gasp!*, BOTH hands will be painted!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be going out to my Dad's tomorrow evening, Nicole & I will probably be up ALL night Weddining (look, I made it a verb) ourselves to death!!! Then, we will be going to a bunch of stores & stuff to see what kinds of goodies we can find!!! :D

Also, another thought I just had, is..... We will be able to take our invitation picture at our VENUE, now!!!!!! YAY!!!!! <3

Saturday, January 23, 2016 -63 Days until "I do!"

We took our photo this morning.. I ordered our invitations/save the dates & our programs this morning!

Today Nicole & I went to about a hundred different stores.. p.s SNOW FLURRIES like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were SO damn excited!!!

We bought a few things, including ALL of the elements for the center pieces!!! :D

I also got an AWESOME "C" that lights up for our table at the reception <3
We planned pretty much the rest of the decorations & most of the food ideas.,.
Still need to check with our keg source for what his pricing is & then we will decide where we will be going for that.

Nicole & I will be assembling the main portion of the center pieces, later.. While enjoying some more wine.. (I may have already had 2 glasses HAHAHA).. Gotta drink the WHOLE gallon in 2 months, after all.. ;)

Tomorrow Dad & Eric will be cutting down some trees for a few different elements.
I am so excited to see it all coming together.

Nicole & I put together all of the center pieces!!! I can't wait to see them on the big day!!! They are already so pretty!!! <3
And, I think we have enough flowers left to make ALL of the boutonniers & such!!! :D

Sunday, January 24, 2016 -62 Days until "I do!"

Dad cut down one of the trees that will serves as the bases for our benches. I got to cut down the tree that I will be using to make our favors!!! It was so cool!!! lol

I am planning on going to Mema's on Tuesday to give her the flowers for the boutonniers & see what else we can accomplish.

Today was a productive day.

*btw, a little over half of the wine is gone, yay!!!*

After we left tonight, Nicole called me..
We had discussed me wearing her veil (from hers & Dad's wedding), as my "borrowed".. Neither of us could remember if she wore one, so we looked in her album.. She didn't (probably explains why we couldn't remember lol)... well, she asked me if I wanted to wear her Mema's pearls!!!!!! <3 She wore them in their wedding & her sisters wore them in their weddings, and they all want their daughters to wear then on their weddings!!! <3
I cried.. it means so much to me that I could wear them :')

Then, as if I werent happy enough with THAT...
she tells me that she found a PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!! :D

I had already given up on that dream & was dealing with just having the guests take pictures & post using the hashtag... But, now, we can actually have REAL photgraphers & I could NOT be happier!!! <3

Monday, January 25, 2016 -61 Days until "I do!"

So, this morning I realized how far behind I am on everything else...
My 2nd anniversary (for my business) is coming up, and I have a WHOLE lot of stuff to do to get ready for that!!!!!

I need to mix ALL of the Flashback February polishes (those are polishes that my customers voted to bring back, out of retirement, for the month of February).. Not to mention, I had to take photos of all of the most recent prize donations I received (which I just finished.. I am supposed to be uploading & emailing them right now, but again, went straight for wedding stuff lol).. THEN, I have to create "collage" type things for each of them!!!!

Alright, enough procrastinating... Here we go.. (8:30am)
(9:30...  done with all collages of prizes that I have!!)

February will be BUSY!!!!!!!!

*I remembered, shortly after deciding on our date, that Dad & Nicole's anniversary is 3 days after our date... BUT, I found out, yesterday, that my Mema & Mpa's anniversary is 3 days before our date!!! <3 couldn't have planned it bnetter, myself!!!*

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 -60 Days until "I do!"

Today I started thinking about our wedding vows..
I want us to write our own..
But, neither of us know where to even begin.......

Do we just say something from our heart? Do we have to include the "sickness & health", etc. parts? OR are those a separate part that we say afterwards?!

UGH.............. I have a feel for what I wanna say.. I know that for my sake, I need to keep it lighthearted so that I don't end up blubbering it half way through & becoming incomprehensible HAHAHA..

I want everyone to be able to understand what I'm saying lol

Where do I even start?!

Ok... it's been a few hours.. I have talked to a few people about it & a little to Eric...
My vows are done...
I printed them out & then didn't save the document!!! HAHA

Now, to fold these up, seal them, and hide them until the wedding!! <3
I WAS gonna read them to someone, just to see what they thought... BUT does it REALLY matter?!
I will just let them be and then break them out the day of!!! :)

It was tough at first, but only because I was unsure of what they needed to be...
I just started writing & the next thing I knew, I had a whole paragraph lol

It is basically a short love note, and then some actual vows.. Some silly & "us", others are more "traditional-ish"... Oh well, I am happy with them.. after about 6 drafts!!!! HAHA

Changed a bit of wording here, swapped some vows there, etc..

Whew!!! What's next?! hahaha

I will be going to Mema's tomorrow to maybe get started on the boutonnieres.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 -59 Days until "I do!"

I went to Mema's today. We cleared out her art studio so that she has room to make the topper, boutonnieres, cuff links, flowers, etc..

We figured out what I want the cuff links to look like & I am so excited!!!

She made a shopping list for Michael's and she will be going on Friday.

Things are coming together so great!!!

Also, she had two large green mason jars, so I am gonna make those bigger versions of the center pieces and use them at our table <3

Tried a little mascara & eye shadow..

Thursday, January 28, 2016 -58 Days until "I do!"

Aunt Jean came by for a bit today, she is so excited & she will be helping me make the signs for the wedding.

Also, she informed me that she saw some Cherry Blossom garland at Hobby Lobby, so, I will be going by there tomorrow to see if I can find it.. I will also be looking to see if they have handles for mason jars.... :)

Friday, January 29, 2016 -57 Days until "I do!"

I went to Hobby Lobby to try and find my Cherry Blossom garland...
no luck......

However, I DID find some GORGEOUS Garden Hooks!!!!!!! <3
Then, I decided to just go with some pretty Ivy garland that I found!!! <3

I went by Jo Ann to find my colors in ribbon, found them.. and relayed them to my Mema..

Went out to Dad's for the weekend.

Saturday, January 30, 2016 -56 Days until "I do!"

Went to price a canopy for the wedding/Dad's house.. We found an 18'x40' that Dad is gonna buy..
Did a bunch of yard work, mostly clearing any random trash & broken cinder blocks from around the perimeter, etc..

Sunday, January 31, 2016 -55 Days until "I do!"

We spent all day in the yard..
Nicole & I finished the back deck..
Then we all did some more clearing, including demolishing the old hot tub HAHA

Dad & Eric (& the boys) got the gate post in, Dad will be hanging the new gate this week..
They also, got the pump house cinders dry fit., Dad just has to mortar them down..

The back deck & house got pressure washed..

AND we have ALL of the stumps cut & laid out where the benches will go!!! :)

Dad cut down a new tree for my coasters, an oak... My pine bled sap all over the back deck (we had to flip the boards before we finished it earlier)... And Eric cut them all!!! <3

Now, to figure out the best way to dry them out!! ;)

We even have the Garden Hooks in place... turns out we DO need 2 more (one more for each side)..
Will go get those this week, maybe.. and the Ivy next week lol

Monday, February 1, 2016 -54 Days until "I do!"

So, today I am working on drying out my coaster pieces!!! <3
I have my oven set at 175 and I will flip them every hour...
Hour ONE is finished, they seem to be drying... guess I will know for sure in about an hour...
I think I will take them out & let them cool down after the timer goes off again... Just to see what's happening.

It takes about one hour to get them dry... I am NOT gonna run my oven for 23 hours in one month, on top of my usual use!!! HAHA.. plan B.. OUTSIDE!!! ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 -53 Days until "I do!"

Nothing much today... BUT my invitations arrived TODAY!!! <3

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 -52 Days until "I do!"

I mailed out most of the invitations that needed to be mailed..
Will mail the rest tomorrow..
& then, I will only have to give out the remaining invitations at the Bridal Shower & Birthday Party this weekend!!! :)

Friday, February 5, 2016 _50 Days until "I do!"

Went shopping with Mema.. She bought the ribbon for the boutonnieres & the flowers for Amanda's bouquet..

We also managed to find more of my garden hooks & bought 2 more of those (YAY!!!)

She took a few of the coasters (cupped & cracked ones) to practice wood burning on them., she will be wood burning our ring box for Ty <3

Sunday, February 7, 2016 -48 Days until "I do!"

I set up the last 2 garden hooks..

Then, I went through all of the glass bottles/jars and picked out the 18 that I want to be used for the aisle. I am so excited.. Now, we just need to go find bunch of candles that will fit in each different type HAHA..
(Nicole thinks she wants to use tiki torch liquid, instead, in case of mosquitoes)

We sorted through ALL of the coasters & separated the good from the ok from the bad..
The bad ones have been set aside so we can all practice our wood burning lol

The "ok" ones were set outside to see if they could cup back the other way a bit..

We ended up with 150 that were perfect.. and we added a few of the "ok" ones after they cupped back.. We had to leave Dad's around 3, so I don't know how the remainder fared.

Monday, February 8, 2016 -47 Days until "I do!"

This morning I, FINALLY, called the Keystone City Hall to ask about marriage licenses..
They told me to call the Green Cove Clerk... I called.... they are almost an hour away from Dad's!!!

So, now that I knew it was a "clerk of court" I called Palatka & Gainesville!!! ;)
both are about 30 minutes away!!!

Yay!!! I can breathe a little better, knowing that we can get it at any clerk in the state of Florida.
and we can just go in, no appointment needed.

Ok........ So, I just got a pretty disturbing/upsetting phone call.....
I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting another.... But, that may take all day!!! :(
This may throw a wrench in EVERY SINGLE ONE of our plans....... </3
I will be a nervous WRECK until I hear back from Eric!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016 -43 Days until "I do!"

Well, I'm sorry for leaving you all hanging (assuming more than one person reads this haha)..
The phone call was about Eric's job..
Long story short..
He works FOR Napa.. he is the manager of an independent store inside of a car dealership (it's complicated to explain quickly lol), WELL... the dealership that he is located inside announced that they will be closing.... On SUNDAY!!! (meaning 2 days from now)...
Any who... We have no need to worry.. The BIG bosses have reassured him that they DO have a place for him.. same pay, etc... *wipes brow* *breathe*

Now, back to wedding happiness!!! ;)
I have been researching cuff shirts (I don't know what they are called, lol... shirts that need cuff links)
I found them for $29.99... Then, today I found out you can RENT them from Michael's Formal Wear... We are going THAT route!!! haha.. So. I registered our wedding & our bridal party just have to go in to get fitted & pay their portion.

Saturday, February 13, 2016 -42 Days until "I do!"

Not much to update today lol
I just wanna record the fact that I started a work out regimen about a month ago.. (Wednesday will be the 31st day, but I stopped yesterday lol)
I only lost 2 pounds.......... I know, something is better than nothing, and even nothing is better than gaining...

Also, I know that Eric loves me & will marry me either way...
Obviously, he proposed while I am the weight, etc that I am now.. lol

BUT, I am NOT doing this for him!!!
I just wanna feel beautiful on my day.. ya know?!?!

I know my family will say I do.. and so will Eric... but, that's their job!!!

I wanna feel it...
Not that I don't feel "beautiful".. I do.. I just wanna feel extra beautiful..
Ugh.. I don't know...

Maybe I'm crazy... Maybe it doesn't matter...

I really just wanted to not wanna cry while dress shopping... Which is in ONE WEEK (from tomorrow..but it's basically tomorrow already lol)...

I had high hopes...
I started a new thing today.. It is, technically, a cleanse, but I am also gonna do a little bit of Slim Fast, and will control my portions a LOT better.. I haven't been doing too bad, nut I could be doing better......

Also, I will be doing JUST squats instead of all of the other workouts I was doing with the other challenge... AND I started doing Wii Fit tonight lol... every little bit helps!!! ;)

Ok, enough of this boring stuff..
Just wanted ONE more place that could help hold me accountable...
Thank you to my IG group ladies, if you read this!!! <3

Friday, February 19, 2016 -36 Days until "I do!"

Today I went over to my Aunt Jean's house & we put the vinyl "Thank You" on our donation jug, the "Ring for a Kiss" vinyl on our wedding bell, and planned out all of the sleeves for the letter bottles <3

She is, also, going to be putting "Mr." & "Mrs." vinyls on a couple of champagne glasses for us. :)

Dress shopping is SUNDAY!!!!!!!
Today is the LAST day of my cleanse!!! :D FINALLY!!!!!
Slim Fast shakes are DISGUSTING!!!!! (in case you were wondering bahahahaha)

Alright, unless I do something, unplanned, tomorrow, I will update again on Sunday..
*fingers crossed* that we find a dress!!!!!!!!!! <3

***SHIT, I forgot to add..... Eric wrote his vows today!!!!!!!!!!!! <3***

Sunday, February 21, 2016 -34 Days until "I do!"

We went dress shopping today!!! <3
My Mema, Nicole (step-mom), & me.

We started at noon..
Found about 6 dresses, & finally took them to the dressing room..

The VERY FIRST one I tried on, I fell IN LOVE WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALL 3 of us gasped at the same time, I was smiling SO hard & staring in the mirror & checking out every angle...

I felt so free & beautiful.. It fit PERFECTLY.. hugged every curve exactly how it should..

My Mema said, wow.. we're done!!!

BUT, I couldn't...............
I just couldn't fathom that that was all.. that there might not be ANYTHING better...

I tried on 4 more of the dresses we had.. hated 3 of them, kinda liked one....

We decided to go to a few more places, JUST to check.. you never know.

So, I asked the cashier if she could hold the dress for me & that if I wanted it, I would come back today to get it..

We went to a few other stores at the mall... Didn't see ANYTHING!!!

So, we went across town to David's Bridal... That was the worst... I hated everything & if I even remotely liked something it was $1000!!! :/ HAHAHA.. needless to say, we weren't there very long! HA

Then, we went to the fancy mall.. LOL
We, literally, went into EVERY store that sold dresses... NOTHING!!!

I didn't even try on ONE more dress the WHOLE day!!!
EVERYTHING kept coming back to the first dress.. EVERYTHING was being compared to it, everything paled in comparison!!!

SIX HOURS later, we realized that I hadn't even tried anything else on, we decided that it was obvious that we should just go back & get it <3

We got to the store & asked the lady to go get it..
While I was waiting, I looked at my Mema and said "this is IT!!! we found it!!! THIS is the dress I will be getting married in.." ((I cried... lol))

We paid for it & then went to look at some shoes, didn't see any we just NEEDED.. lol
I've got plenty of time for shoes ;)

We weren't even mad that we spent SO much time looking, when we found THE dress 30 minutes in HAHAHA..

Because, we KNEW beyond a doubt that it was the right choice!!!

I fell so amazing in it..
It's like it was made FOR me!!! <3
I am so excited (not that I wasn't already lol) for my wedding day!!!
I can't wait to see myself ALL finished & to see Eric's face when he sees me.. I hope he loves it.
I hope he thinks I'm as beautiful as I feel in that dress. <3

I know this entry is kinda long for not a whole lot of content, but today was such a great day!!!

We will be going back out to my Dad's again, this weekend (we skipped the last 2.. due to Vday & other plans).. We have 3 more weekends to get everything done out there.. the 4th weekend we will be heading out there and won't come back until the Sunday after the wedding <3

Next week will be a week of finishing a few smaller projects at my Mema's & my Aunt Jean's <3

Monday, February 22, 2016 -33 Days until "I do!"

Ok, maybe I am paranoid.....
I went up to buy my wedding band today..

When we bought the engagement ring we picked out the band, too.. It wasn't a "Set", but the bands of both rings were EXACTLY the same.. Same color, same width.. It was perfect... BUT we decided that we would have to wait to buy it...

So, I get there today & I look into the case..... It's gone.. My heart sank..
The guys says he is gonna get their jeweler.. He calls for the same guy who sized my engagement ring.
So, he asks what I'm looking for.. I begin to tell him about how we were in there a few weeks ago & we wanted both rings, and ended up only getting the one & getting it sized.. He stops & asks "white gold?".. I said yes... He says he still has it!!!!!!!

He goes to his work station & looks through all of his stuff.. He can't find it :(

We search all of the cases one more time.. nothing.

He stops & says "wait a minute"... goes back to his station & grabs a baggy...
He asks me what we sized it to, I told him, he tests it......... Same size!!!

He says the price.. it is $10 more than what it was when we were there last...
He asks how much he told us he would size it for..
I tell him he told us he would size both for $95 & charged us $65 for the engagement..

I go up to pay & the guy tells me it's only $39.95......
I question it, because that is MUCH less than the ring costs, and we had it sized...

The guy was only charging me for the sizing, thinking that it was my ring that I brought in......

I said no, we haven't even bought the ring, yet....

They figure it all out.. The guy checking me out says for my honesty he is gonna take $10 off of the price & $10 off of the sizing... YAY!!!

Well, I get in the car after I pay... I'm at a red light, ALMOST home.... I take the ring out of the bag to admire it............... only, its about twice the size of my band... AND MUCH more white in color....

I, immediately, turn the car around & go back.. I tell them I don't think it is the same ring from before..
I tell them how perfectly it matched & now they're so different...

They compare them & agree they are different..

They offered to order a new band & just exchange it for the one I bought.. OR they could elecrtoplate both rings with Rhodium to change the color, so they match.. hell if I know... I'm no jeweler...

Anywho... They say they will do it for free.. It will be done in 2 hours..

Not even an hour later I get the call that the rings are done.. I go pick them up.. They DO match!!!

I put the engagement ring back on....
Now, I'm sitting here studying it..... It doesn't "feel" the same. like maybe the band is a bit wider? I keep telling myself that if they had to "plate" it with something, no matter HOW thin a layer, I may make that difference....

I don't know.... Maybe it's all in my head...

All I know is that it BETTER be MY ring!!!!!!!
I mean, I have been wearing & staring at this ring for WEEKS, now!!!!!!!!!
I LOVED the color of it.. It was as if the gold of my ring was mixed with a, lower than normal, concentrate of whatever metal they mix to make it "white gold", and so there was a TINY hint of yellow in it. (which I noticed a few days after I got it.. and didn't care for at first lmao... I'm a complicated gal, what can I say?!?!)... Now, it looks more like TRUE "white gold", & as far as I can see from a TINY bit of research I did.. Rhodium is 3 times more expensive than gold... AHAHA..

ah, shit............

My rings match, I am marrying the man of my dreams in a month... What am I complaining about?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

However, IF any of you knows about this, could you help alleviate my fears a little, THAT would be GREAT!!! ;)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 -32 Days until "I do!"

Well, I have been researching Rhodium ALL night & this morning lol

It turns out that Rhodium is from the Platinum family.. It is almost 3 times more expensive than gold.. AND, it is used to plate White Gold more often than not.. It helps to make the white gold more bright & brilliant.

Also, I think my ring is the same.. no more worrying about that.. I have compared every single angle.. I have compared it to the photos & video that I have.. I think it is a BIT thicker, but it's the same ring.. I was just paranoid lol

Also, upon ALL of the reasearch I was doing I found out that I have a Leo Diamond Ring!!! <3
Woo hoo!!!!!! That's pretty damn exciting HAHA

Ok... crisis averted... ;)

Thanks for reading my crazy rambles.. HA

Saturday, February 27, 2016 -28 Days until "I do!"

We came out to Dad & Nicole's last night.

Today Nicole & I painted her new bathroom cabinets.. drawers, cabinet doors, body..

We took down all of the shutters, painted them, and hung them back up.

We also, painted the 2nd half of the kitchen.

Sunday, February 28, 2016 -27 Days until "I do!"

Today we painted the other wall, outside of the kitchen & clear coated the bathroom cabinets.

Dad & Eric got the main counter pieces cut & installed.
Dad will be cutting the last smaller pieces.

I'm hoping that I can get started on the coasters next weekend!!! :)

I will be all alone this week, Autumn is in Tennessee for the week :(
BUT, that means that I can get all of the things at Aunt Jean's & Mema's done, whenever I need to!

Also, I have a 25 bottle custom order, and a 4 bottle custom order to get done first thing tomorrow!!! ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 -25 Days until "I do!"

IT'S MY WEDDING  MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I went to Mema's & we built the chandelier for over the dance floor.

I know, you may be wondering how we managed to spend ALL day and ONLY have a chandelier to show for it....

Well, let me just tell YOU!!!!!!!!

That shit was a TWO person JOB!!!!!!!

It took ALL day!!! hahaha.. it was SUPER frustrating a few times, BUT the end result made it ALL worth it!!!
It is AMAZING!!! <3
EVERYTHING we hoped it would be!!! <3

2 hula hoops, 15 yards of ribbon, 3 sticks of hot glue, 2 yards of white duct tape, 2 sets of swag lights, 50 yards of wire, 5 White Cherry Blossom stems, 4 sore wrists, & 2 attempts at fixing the lights with a special tool later..... we have a beautiful, 4ft tall, wedding chandelier!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

close up of the chandelier
Tomorrow I will be helping Kelly move & stuff.. (that's relevant, because she is my Maid of Honor ;) HAHA)..

Thursday I am going to my Aunt Jean's to finish the wine bottles..

Friday I think I will be going to buy my shoes &.............. there's somethiiiiiiing else I need to do...... can't remember what it is.... we JUST said it, today....... oh well. maybe it will come back to me..... I just remember saying "oh, I can probably go get it Friday, because that's my free day."

p.s. update, in case I haven't in a while
Something Old: some GORGEOUS earrings from the 40s, that my Mema gave me, today!!! <3
Something New: ***still undecided***
Something Borrowed: Nicole's Mema's (not the same one I am always talking about) pearls AND Nicole's pearl hair comb <3
Something Blue: my garters will BOTH have blue on them (My Mema is making them <3)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 -24 Days until "I do!" 

Nothing much, today, because I helped Kelly move, BUT I bought my shoes!!! :)

Thursday. March 3, 2016 -23 Days until "I do!" 

I resigned as PTA President today... *sigh of relief*

Friday, March 4, 2016 -22 Days until "I do!" 

Today I went to Aunt Jean's & we finished the wine bottles for the letters!!! They look AMAZING!!!
(I will try to upload a pic from my phone in a bit)
15 is not finished, because I have to clean the bottle one more time...

We also got the "Mr." & "Mrs." Champagne glasses done!!!
All that's left to do with her are the "Wedding" arrows for Dad's neighborhood.. I will be tying balloons to them, and putting one at each turn :)

We will be stopping by the mall on the way out to my Dad's tonight, to get Eric & Ty fitted for their shirts & paying for that.. Ty informed me, this morning, that he wants to wear a bow tie :)

I am hoping that I will be able to get started on the coasters this weekend.. I know that Dad & Eric have to get the canopy built, and Nicole & I will probably be finishing her bathroom vanity (demolishing the old one & putting the new one (that we painted last weekend) in..

Also, we need to get the front door finished...

So, IF I don't get the coasters started or finished, I will be bringing them and the wood burner home & doing them in my spare time, this coming week.

Saturday, March 5, 2016 -21 Days until "I do!" 

We go a late start, because my two youngest brothers had a track meet from 7 to 12..
Then, we got lunch, went to, Michael's for my bouquet stuff.. Lowe's & then Walmart.

We still managed to get the plumbing done in Dad & Nicole's bathroom & all of the photos/etc. in the kitchen hung.

Then, I finished my "15" wine bottle & the large mason jars for Eric & my table.

Sunday, March 6, 2016 -20 Days until "I do!" 

Today we got the new front door painted & hung.

We got the top part of the shed fixed & painted the whole thing.

We all got the new canopy up, and got it placed where we want it for the wedding.

Got the base of the dance floor laid out, just have to get the plywood for the top.

We have ONE more weekend to get everything done.. benches, signs, etc..

I brought home the coasters & the wood burner.. gonna start on them tomorrow!! :)

Monday, March 7, 2016 -19 Days until "I do!" 

I started the coasters tonight........ I broke the wood burner......
Well........ Eric broke it, technically... The tip started to bend and I asked him if he could screw it back in, and tighter... Well........ neither of us thought to let it cool first..... and SNAP.. the threads were stuck inside the machine... :/

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 -18 Days until "I do!" 

I took the wood burner back & got a new one... the new one works better, anyways!!!
Ok, back to work!!!

While I was out, Autumn and I went to a few stores to look for a flower girl dress, for her..
We tried on a couple & she LOVED the 2nd one SO much... It took me 5 minutes for her to let me take it off lol.. She kept saying no, and looking in the mirror, and laughing hahahaha,.. she was just too cute..

I couldn't buy it (sound fmiliar) until I was SURE there wasn't something better...
So, we went to a couple of other stores AND I found the PERFECT dress!!!

It is ALL white lace.. double layered on the skirt part, AND it has pearls as the center of the little flowers that it has on the top right!!!

SEE... sometimes, you HAVE to keep looking!!!!!!! ;)

Did about 40 coasters, tonight. 110 to go lol

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 -17 Days until "I do!" 

Not much new today, except that I finished ALL of my coasters!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

NOW, to get them sealed this weekend, and then they will be 100% DONE!!! :)

p,s, UNLESS I do something on Friday, THIS will be my LAST entry on this blog post...
It has gotten SO long, TOO long, in fact!!!
SO, I have decided that I will be doing a "final countdown" post, for the last 2 weeks!!! :)

Thank you, for reading if you have been. <3


Friday, August 14, 2015

My Gears are OVERLY Grinded

first of all, let me start by saying...
I LOVE indie polish!!!
I loved it before I started my line, and I continue to love it, now!!!
I, HIGHLY, respect all makers!!! I do!!!
I know what goes into this business.. I know how cut throat it CAN be, but mostly it is just fabulous!!!
I have had 99% GREAT experiences on every front of the Indie scene..
From interactions with makers (before & after starting CCNP), to most product quality, to customer service...
I would NEVER, bad mouth another Indie ((p.s. there is a difference in giving an honest review, etc & "bad mouthing".. just saying..)).

Now, before we get to business (the main focus of this post), I would like to add one more thing...
Making nail polish may not be rocket science.. but, sometimes it may feel like it is. Honestly, most aspects are fairly simple!!! Sometimes it can be VERY frustrating (i.e. my adventures in attempting to make a glowing red, creme!!! 😒)!!!
NO matter how much you know, you are ALWAYS learning..
For instance, when I first started I only tested my polish for 3 to 4 weeks.. THEN, the "Vader Fiasco" happened (long red metallic bar glitters.. curling.. not good!! 😯)
After that, I began testing, a minimum of, THREE months, depending on what is included & whether or not I have used the ingredients before!!! (now a days it is closer to 7, mostly 6)
Well, most things that go wrong, will usually do so within the first month or so..
(ALL approximate)
Bleeding glitters will bleed immediately or within a week..
A polish will usually stain your nails within the first 24 hours..
Glitters will usually curl within the first month..
cue "Star Spangled Fiasco".. AGAIN, red metallic bar glitters curling.. NOT the same ones!!! NOT the same length!!! NOT the same supplier!!! They were fine for OVER 3 months!!! they curled a WEEK before release!!!!!!!!! 😒
**right then and there I swore off metallic, red bars, FOREVER!!!!!!!**
ANYWHO.. my point is.. THOSE are the tougher aspects of dealing with owning/operating a polish brand!!!
THOSE are the types of things that we should be trying to figure out, or have a small struggle with.. luckily, it's smooth sailing, for the most part lol

NOW.. down and dirty on what is grinding all my gears...

WHEN my customers are coming to me (let me point out that I have had SEVEN of them come to me, privately, about similar matters.. and not all about the same indie) and asking me for advice on what they should do, and if what is happening to them is a normal thing to happen... THAT is unacceptable... I just can NOT wrap my head around things like taking MONTHS to ship something, when you are shipping everyone else's orders of the same thing!!
OR lying about shipping a package out, KNOWING you haven't..
OR continuing to give excuses WHY you haven't been able to ship yet (AFTER lying twice about shipping it!!)!!!
OR accidentally forgetting an item (ok, understandable.. shit happens.. we are only human.) BUT, when you take SO long to ship, said forgotten item, that it becomes discontinued & is no longer available to be shipped.. THEN you promise something else & never send that either!!!


1) order comes in..
2) look at order.. maybe even print out an invoice..
3) pack up order, carefully.. be sure you have included everything.. double or triple check if you have to..
4) print shipping..
5) attach shipping label to package..
6) drop off at PO OR, if you do like I do, leave out for Mailman..

THAT IS IT!!!!!!
this is the EASIEST part of our jobs!!!
ALL we have to do is package it safely & ship it off!!!!!!!!!

I shouldn't have my customers having to come to me & ask if this is something that happens often for Indies... NO ONE should have to deal with this & I have been getting so angry!!!
EVERY TIME someone else comes to me asking about something like this, it just infuriates me more!!!

I have kept quiet long enough!!!
and, even now, I doubt many people will see this.. BUT it is out & off of my chest!!!

THE WHOLE POINT of our business IS to sell a product & SHIP it.. if you can't even handle shipping something, THAT SOMEONE PAID YOU FOR, then you DON'T need to be in business!!!!!!!!!! & you DAMN sure don't need to be spending that money!!!!

I may not be perfect.. I've had my fair share of problems/mistakes, BUT I have ALWAYS owned up to them & compensated in any & every way that I could.. our customers are all that really matter..
if you don't treat them right, they won't stick around!!! sure.. you can always "find another customer", but you shouldn't have to.. you should value the ones you already have and earn new ones.. not dupe them into the same trap as the ones before them!!!😒😡

ok.. end rant..

thanks for reading.

*** no indies were named or called out in the making of this blog.. it is not my intention to disrespect another maker.. it is my intention to let my customers & everyone else know that you do NOT & should NOT have to deal with this type of treatment!!! it is NOT the "norm" for Indie Customer Service!!! most of us go above and beyond to make you feel loved & appreciated.. PLEASE, do not let one bad apple ruin this amazing world for you!!! ***

Monday, June 22, 2015

Family Vacation 2015

I am starting this blog post at 12:30pm, on Day 2 of our vacation. :)
I will, periodically, update this same post..
I will keep it updated throughout the week, and let you in on all of our (mis)adventures!!! ;)

Day 1: Sunday, June 21, 2015 (aka Father's Day):
We didn't do much, hung around the house, relaxing.. Went to Ale House for dinner, with Eric's dad.

Day 2: Monday, June 22, 2015:

Woke up at 5:30, got ready & hit the road to Cape Canaveral...
About half way there, a strange (just meaning we had never seen it before) dash warning light, lit up..
Google to the rescue... & pulling off of the highway..
It turned out to be the transmission temperature warning light... UGH!!!
So, we headed back... stopped at a Napa half way here, got a transmission dipstick to test the fluid...
I decided that I would pay for a rental car..
We are sitting at the house, waiting for our reservation to arrive lol..
We have decided to go to St. Augustine for the rest of today (after we pick up the rental lol).
We will do the Fort and just walk around.. have some dinner, etc...
Tomorrow will be attempt 2 for Kennedy Space Center.
Ty has no idea where we are going & I am hoping that he LOVES it!!!

On another note, I am still trying to talk Eric into doing Wild Adventures, too hehe

**p.s. it may be nothing serious with our car, but we are playing it "better safe than sorry" with the rental.. the warning light never lit back up on our return trip.**

Day 3: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 (8:20am):

St. Augustine was so awesome, HOT, but awesome.
We went to Castillo de San Marcos.  I took 108 pictures bahahaha.. uploaded most of them to FB.. (thinking that I may come back through here, and add a few of my faves from the week ;) we will see..)
Anywho.. it was my first time & it was really interesting, and SO beautiful!!!
After that, we drove to the lighthouse so Ty could see it.
Then, we drove to see if we could check out Fort Mantanza.. we saw it, across the water.. hahaha
Chili's for dinner.. then home.
Was a nice family day :)

I was so tired, last night, that I fell asleep, in my chair, in the living room a little after 9 hahaha..
Well, what that means is that I forgot to reset my alarm (for 5..).. LUCKILY, my internal alarm still woke me up a little after 7... My eyes opened & my room was not dark, I freaked a little..
We are on the road, now..
I am sipping on a caramel frappé, from Burger King, lol
Google Maps says we will arrive to Cape Canaveral around 10.. which is only an hour late.. Not too bad, I suppose..
I mean, do we really expect it to take the full 10 hours?! (KSC hours 9a-7p).. I don't think so, we should be fine! :)
Anyone who has ever been, how long did it take you to get through the whole thing?

Alright.. that's all, for now..

(to be continued...)