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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Meal Prepping...

When it comes to meal prepping I am still a bot of a newbie. I try to create well rounded meals, but focused mostly on the protein & veggies.

But, sometimes I feel like I take it too seriously?

When I meal prep, I make each bowl separately!!!

For example:
When I did my shrimp fried rice...

I measured everything out:
Counted my 23 shrimp (times 4, set them all aside in piles)
1/2C of pepper/onion mix (set aside in 4 medium bowls)
1/2 jalepeño (diced & separated into 4 small bowls)
Boiled my rice, put 1/2C in each bowl

Then, came cooking/combining:
I put 1tbsp of butter in the pan, sauteed my peppers/onions/jalepeños, then put that mixture into the medium bowls. (Did each set alone.. so, four times.)

Then, I took two eggs & cracked them into my pan, half cooked them. Slid them to one side of the pan, added the measured rice, the shrimp, & one bowl of sauteed peppers/onions, and pour my soy sauce over the rice/veg/shrimp side.

Then, I mixed it all together in the pan, and pour it all into the prep bowl. (Again, did that four times. Haha.)

Now, today, I made my spaghetti bowls..
I put the 1/2C of peppers/onions in a medium bowl (x4)

Put the diced mushrooms & jalepeños in a large bowl (x4)

I boiled my pasta servings in two pots! 2oz of pasta in each pot.. then, put each serving into a prep bowl. (The other 2 servings were birds eye, I microwaved the bag then separated into prep bowls.)

Cooked all of the chicken, then separated it into the prep bowls with the pasta.

Sauteed the peppers/mushrooms/onions by serving, added them to the prep bowls.

Then, once I got to the 4th set, I took the bowl with just chicken & pasta, added it to my pan, added the spaghetti sauce & stirred it all together. Then, repeated that 3 more times, with the rest of the bowls.

Pictured is my sink JUST from 4 bowls of spaghetti! 

Am I being too meticulous?

If I sautee all of the veggies, cook the chicken & the pasta, mix it all in one pot and add the sauce, THEN separate... Is it really gonna matter of it's not all, exactly the same amounts of each ingredient?


Is this just a normal thing? Lmfao.
Maybe it just comes with the territory..
You tell me?
How do YOU meal prep?!
Are you as careful as me, or do you throw caution to the wind?

Monday, August 19, 2019

Food & Weight Loss

From the very beginning of my weightloss journey, the scale, consistently, moved EVERY SINGLE WEEK.
Until it didn't...

On June 2, 2019 I hit 155lbs.
I was only 10lbs away from my ultimate goal weight! I had recently bought all new work shorts, all size 10. There were only 4 more days until Summer Break started, and that meant that in the 9 weeks that I'd be off work, I'd lose the last of my weight. I'd be to goal by the time school returned! Yay!
That was not what happened.

As of August 12, 2019, I had STILL not lost even ONE pound. (That was the last time I weighed.)

I have maintained my weight of 155 pounds. All summer, 11 weeks, no change. In weight, that is, I DID have to go buy size 8 shorts!!! Not one pound lost (or gained), but a drop in pants size.

On Sunday of last week I bought a new FitBit (the Inspire HR). Monday was the first whole day that I wore it. I noticed that it automatically allotted more calories than "Lose It" did for me. Both apps take into consideration age, height, current weight, goal weight, rate of loss (1lb a week is what I always set the goal to). However, FitBit also asks about your activity level.

I decided to log my exercise and food into both apps for a week & see the difference. The results were kind of mind blowing!

For the past few weeks I have been wondering if I was eating enough (more on those thoughts can be found on various IG posts). If this week has taught me ANYTHING it's that I could not even fathom how little I was, actually, eating!!!
Just take a look at these comparisons of what each app was telling me about my days.

"Lose It" collage says I'm over 2,692 total calories for the week, which would have made me gain weight.. I didn't!

"FitBit" collage says I'm under 3,301 total calories for the week, which means I should have lost almost a pound.. I won't weigh until next week. (Explanation below.)

As you can, clearly, see the Lose It app makes it seem like I was just gorging myself!!!
However, the FitBit app shows a truer story of what I was eating, compared to what I was burning! You may, also, see that it took a little adjusting of my mindset to get comfortable with eating as much as it was telling me to (with the exception of Friday, where I took advantage of girl's night (also a post about that on my IG lol).

FitBit takes into account every single step taken, every single calorie that is burned while sitting, sleeping, etc.
Not to mention, the "calories burned" during workouts were much more than what "Lose It" estimated.

Disclaimer, I don't plan on weighing myself right now do to my period, (I am ALWAYS 2 to 3 pounds up the entire week). So, I am going to give myself one more week of following what the FitBit tells me, and then weigh in next week.

I feel MUCH less worried about every single calorie that I take in. I have felt so relaxed about food all week, and it's been SO refreshing.

One pound is equal to 3,500 calories.
In order to lose one pound a week, you must burn 500 calories a day, more than  you take in.
Example: if you eat 2000 cals a day, you need to burn 2500 each day to lose a pound in one week.

Just for a little clarity on the way the FitBit shows "what's left", that is all calories OVER the 500 that you should have burned for the day to meet your "1lb a week". So, on the day where it says "320 cals left", that means that I burned a net of -820 for that day, instead of my -500 goal. Again, look at Thursday (Aug 15th), it says I had 5 cals left, that means I only burned 5 extra calories than I was meant to, so I was at -505!

It is a terrifying thought to know that I should have eaten another 320 calories that day to not have burned so many calories. Especially, when all these months I've been terrified to eat more than 1300-1600 cals a day!

FitBit had me eating around 2k a day & it took a little adjusting to feel ok about it.
It's sad that we have to feel scared to eat a certain amount of food. I can't wait to check my weight this coming weekend & see if this new change has made any difference!

Obviously, I will post an update.
Just a quick, literal, update lol.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Running a mile.......

Let me start this by saying, I have NEVER in my life, ran a mile!!!
Back in November/December 2018 I attempted to run... I just ran until I couldn't anymore.. It was .25 of a mile. I made so many excuses as to why I had to stop, it was 34° outside & my lungs were on fire.. lol

Fast forward to last weekend, my mom & her boyfriend, Zack, were at my house. We were all sitting out front, talking. Zack has been trying to get me to run a 5K with them for MONTHS!!! I do NOT run. I CAN'T run! I am NOT a runner!

However, he made me promise that I'd do one with them by the end of the year. He would even pay, but I had to do it!
I relented. So, I vowed that I would begin "training" this week, and then I MIGHT be ready by December haha.

Today is day 3 of my usual gym week.
I decided I just needed to see where I was at, and how much work I needed to do to be ready for a 5K.

I walked into the gym, at 6am, headed straight to the treadmill.
I told myself, it's ok if you can't get a mile, just do like last time, run until you just can't anymore. Then stop, and try to do better next time.

I pressed start & set the pace at 5mph.
That felt comfortable, and I could always lower the speed if I needed to in a few minutes. (The treadmill told me that was a 12 minute/mile pace.)

About 9 minutes in, I sent a SnapChat video to Zack, letting him know I was almost at 1 mile! I couldn't believe it!
Then, I took a video for myself at the 10 minute mark.

Once I was near the first mile, I figured I could keep going & just stop when I needed. After all, I had already surpassed my expectations. I was already proud of what I was capable of.

Next thing I know, I'm creeping up on 2 miles & I felt like I could go a LITTLE bit longer.. Maybe 2.5? Nah, I'll probably stop way before then, for sure. No way I could do another half mile!

Then, 2.5 came.... I told myself, just push, SEE IF you can get close to 3! Also, I increased the speed to 5.5 mph.

As 2.7 neared, I found myself wondering if I could do another half a mile.....
I mean, that's all it would take to reach 5K!
That's not too much longer.. So, I pushed.

3 miles...
3.06 miles...
3.13 miles...
3.17 miles...
3.2 miles!

I pressed stop on the treadmill, because I had burst into tears!!!
Who was this person who had just ran THREE MILES?!?!?!

Three point two miles.
A 5K.
At 6 in the morning!
Obviously, not the person that I thought I was when I walked into the gym 40 minutes prior.
Anyone who saw me burst into tears probably thought I was losing my mind.
I collected myself a bit.
Got off the treadmill.
Grabbed a paper towel to clean the handles that I barely touched (twice, to check my pulse).

As I walked out of the gym, to my car, I could NOT stop crying.
I don't even know why.

I went in, hoping to get to .5 miles.

We are SO much stronger than we think we are!
We are capable of SO much more than we believe!

I don't run.
I am not a runner.
I can't run.

I ran a 5K for the very first time today, in 37:48. That averages to LESS than 12 minutes a mile!

Proud doesn't even begin to describe what I'm feeling.

P.S. if you wanna experience THE moment, check out my video..
Prepare to cry!
You've been warned..

Thursday, March 28, 2019

My 21 Day Meal Plan Journey

So, I have been following My Adventure to Fit pretty much ever since I created my Fitness Instagram.
She is the creator of the 21 Day Meal Plan.
To put this as simply as possible, this is a "meal plan" that is just a list of "allowed foods".
The premise is, for 21 days ONLY eat the foods that are on the list.
That's it!!!
Then, you can take a break or continue with another 3 week round.
The goal is to make this plan work for your life, and to make it a lifestyle as the new way you think about food & eat.

I considered buying it for quite a while, but could never quite talk myself into it.
However, on St. Paddy's Day, she had a 50% off sale & I could not pass that up!

So, I finally bought it.

Once I got the plan, I wrote down a grocery list. Figured I would be able to fit it all into our usual budget, if I did half at a time. Bought the first half last week, will be buying the last half tomorrow.

As of my last weigh in, I am only 19lbs away from my goal, 145!!!
By Sunday, which will be my "Day One", I should be 18lbs away.
I will be weighing myself, and doing all of my measurements Sunday morning, so that I can compare all aspects of any losses that I experience by day 21.

It seems that many people lose 10-20lbs during their first round!
I am NOT expecting to lose even close to that! I know that because I don't have a ton left to lose, that it may not come off quite as quickly, and I am ok with that!
As you know, I have no issues with losing slowly. In fact, I prefer to do so!
That is NOT my reasoning behind wanting to start the plan. I don't want a quick fix for the last 20ish pounds! I just want to get myself into a "better" eating routine prior to reaching my goal, so that I will be able to change my eating habits easier for my next steps! I will already be in a better eating routine by then, and not just have to dive in head first.

So, obviously, once I reach my goal, I will assess (I do NOT foresee wanting/needing to lose any more than what I have planned), and if I'm good with 145 (like I know I will be) I will begin maintenance mode!!! That will be 2 or 3 months of staying within a 5lb range of my final weight (so, between 140-150)!
After I know that I can handle maintaining my weight, I will begin focusing on toning!
Mainly, arms & abs! (P.S. especially abs lmao)

From what I can tell, based on the research I've been doing about toning your abs, food matters WAY more for that than it does for losing weight!!!
Mostly due to sodium intake and the amount of protein you're getting. That is a key factor to the 21 Day Meal Plan. It's all whole foods and focused on low sodium (basically, no added salt.. just the salt that you get naturally).

Another HUGE factor that made me want to try the plan out was the fact that tracking is not required. I am hoping that I can try to not track for a portion of my maintenance period. Maybe a month or so in, not at first.
Obviously, tracking my meals for the rest of my life is far from ideal! Haha. So, I'm hoping that this will help get me to a point where I can manage my weight, without obsessing over every single calorie that goes into my mouth.
That freedom means more to me than ANYTHING else that this plan may give my life.

Tiffany recommends that the first round is done 100% compliant. Then, if you so choose, you may add in some things that are not on the list of foods, given that they are still fairly healthy & natural. I know that for me, the first thing I will add back are my protein shakes! Haha. It's not the "most" natural thing in the world, but it is healthy & all in all, it's not a bad addition.

Those are my reasons & goals for myself on the plan.. Here's a quick rundown of my plan of attack!

First of all, like I mentioned earlier, I made a list of all of the compliant foods that I would eat. I have purchased half already, and will purchase the rest tomorrow.
I, also, purchased "meal prep" dishes. Glass ones that I can put in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, etc..

I am going to choose one or two meals each week, and I am going to prep 2 or 3 days worth at a time.

I don't really eat breakfast, I just have my protein shakes on gym days & coffee the other mornings. So, I will be trying to figure out a good smoothie recipe for my mornings, that I will continue to drink on my off days after the first 3 weeks (because I will add my shakes back in after the first round).

Then, I will eat whatever meal I prepped for lunch & dinner for a couple of days.
I figure if I only prep 4 to 6 servings, it will hold up well. I don't want to do too much more, in fear that it will spoil.
So, every 2 or 3 days, I will switch up my meal. If that starts making me angry (eating the same thing two days straight), I will prep two different meals at once & alternate each day.
I am new to this whole meal prep business. Haha.
Any tips would be appreciated.

Snacks, that should be a bit easier.
The list of compliant snacks is pretty limited, unless you create your own snacks. So, I am thinking I will keep it simple the first round!

I feel like after 3 weeks, I will feel more comfortable navigating on a day to day basis & will get a little more adventurous!

So, this is my main plan, as of now..
If you're already on the plan, let me know how you're doing.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Review of the Year of You VoxBox

***ALL products reviewed in this blog were sent to me, complimentary, by Influenster, in exchange for my honest opinions.***

Click here to see the vlog that accompanies this blog.

First up is the Kiss Products Eyelashes & Lash Adhesive.
I am NOT very good at applying false lashes..
However, this was my easiest application to date! Haha.
I liked the look of the lashes and the ease of adhesive application to said lashes.
The lashes didn't need to be trimmed, if anything they could have been a bit wider.
If you click the link above, you can see the application & hear, first hand, what my first impressions were.

Here are some photos shortly after applying them:

They didnt last very long on me..
After about 20-30 minutes they started peeling off. Again, this could VERY well be user error!

See photos:

I would try the lashes again. Love the adhesive.

Next up we have the Classico Organic Pasta Sauce. I had the roasted garlic flavor.
I used it for 3 meals (only have photos of two..).
I made meatball subs for my husband & son, and I had myself a bowl of zucchini spaghetti.

It tasted really great. My favorite part was the decent sized chunks of tomatoes in the sauce.
After this night, I put the remainder of the jar in my fridge to use another night.
The 3rd meal that I used it for was stuffed bell peppers. It was 4 or 5 days later & I forgot to take pictures of that meal. Although, those would have been the best pics! It was so beautiful & delicious!
Nutrition wise this sauce isn't any different than the usual, non-organic, sauce that we usually buy. But, I'd buy it again if I saw it in the store, and it for my meal budget.

The spray on deodorant smelled great. It was easy to apply. BUT, about 15 minutes after I was finished filming my vlog, I noticed that the left side had rubbed white residue all over the armpit edge of my shirt & bra. Not the right side, just the left. I remember noting that my left side had some white showing after application. So, I'd say as long as it didn't "cake up" while applying you should be fine. Honestly, I think I'll just stick with my Suave bar deodorant!

Finally, we come to the Goldbond Lotion. The smell was kind of a medicated smell, but it wasn't too strong. It rubbed into my skin fairly quickly and didnt leave any sticky/oily residue. A tiny bot goes a really long way. I will continue to use the bottle. After it's gone, that's when I'll make the decision to buy another, or not.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019



I know I don't post much, I've been telling myself I need to work on it.

As a matter of fact, I am hoping to have a blog up this weekend (other than this one HA!).

So, the last "my life" blog was about my weightloss journey.
This one is, too.

So, if you don't really care about that type of stuff, I love you, and I'll see ya for the next post, maybe. No hard feelings.

However, if you're interested, thanks for reading. Be sure to say hi or something!

Now, onto the main point.

So, as I stated in my last blog, when I started this journey, my goal was to hit 180. I, honestly, figured that "if I lost THAT much weight (56lbs from start to 180) that I'd look amazing, plus I'd probably look weird to be thinner than that".

Well, that goal has come & gone. I hit it on December 5th, 2018 (19 days earlier than I planned!). But, as I was coming up to that goal, I started to realize that I KNEW I could go lower. That I still, clearly, had plenty more to lose before I would look "too thin"! Haha.

So, I thought back to a time when I was comfortable in my body (& a time when I actually knew my weight, seeing as how I didn't even care about that until i was about 17/18). Turns out, 17 was the time that I was trying to think of, anyways!
I was ranging between 160-165, 36DD bra, I was happy & loved my body.
THAT should be my final goal!!!

That's what I told myself, and again, figured I'd look "too thin" much lower than that... Because I loved the way I looked back then.
Well, here I am, 11lbs away from 160, and wondering if I COULD do more...........

Last night, I had a conversation with Eric (the husband for any new comers) & I showed him a couple of women that I follow on Instagram;
@TheStairLady & @Jens100PoundJourney

First of all, I follow a LOT of people, but there are a handful that I tend to watch more closely, simply because they are "closest" to me as a body. (i.e. 30ish, 5'4" tall, started at 240ish)
Well, one is at 148, the other just hit her goal of 140. BOTH of these women look beautiful & healthy, and not at all "too skinny"!!!

I think that last night, having that conversation, out loud, with Eric, was, literally, the very first time that I have EVER considered setting a 140-something pound goal!!!

Now, I am STILL not 100% sure about that...
I am still working towards my short term of 170 (which I will hit soon), then my short term goal of 160.
I keep telling myself that once I hit 160, that's when I'll make the final decision.
Not a second before then! Lol.

I don't know why the 140s seem to scare me, or maybe just seem out of reach.
I have NO idea why I can't just say I'd like to get there.
I have said, once, that once I get to 160, I will start setting 5lb short term goals (as opposed to my, usual,10lb ones).
Then, once I get to 155, I can go to 150, etc.

Well, I'm here, and I'm saying it, RIGHT NOW!!!
I am setting my FINAL goal to 145!!!

And here is my "escape clause":
IF, at any point, over the next 26lbs I feel like I am comfortable enough, "too thin", or anything else that makes me change my mind, I CAN!!!
Instead of upping my goals after each loss, I am just jumping the gun & lowering it, all the way!!! Then, adjustments can vary as needed on the way!

It's such a strange feeling to have this out in the world. It's such a weird feeling to even THINK it's possible...

But, theres ONE more facet to this convo from last night. The one that got me thinking that it was even a possibility...

Before Eric got home I had a thought..
What does a 30lb loss even LOOK like on my body..
So, to the Gram I went, to find my "30lbs lost" photo.

I compared my Day One - to - 30lbs gone - to - 65lbs gone...

Honestly, looking at the differences  I don't think it looks like I could lose another 30..
However, that's just me, looking it square in the belly! Haha.
I'm sure I've got close to that, that's possible to lose, belly, legs, arms, back combined. So, I went with a 26lb goal. (171 to 145)

This is where I'm sitting, these are all of my cards, out on the table for all to see.

Part of me feels like if I don't make it, I've failed everyone.

Part of me feels good, because this is my accountability. Like, once you've spoken a goal out into the world, you have to live up to it!
Look what it did for me with 180.. I wanted to lose 18lbs in 16 weeks to meet my goal... I ended up losing 18lbs in about 14 weeks!!!

Also, because we are on the topic of "dated weight goals", I just want to make it VERY clear that I am NOT giving myself a specific date to reach this by!!!

Ideally, continuing on with my average of 1lb a week, I'd reach it sometime between July & September. However, IF it takes a little longer, or not quite as long, I am ok with that, as well! I don't want to have the added pressure of a ticking clock.

Alright, I believe that I've rambled for long enough.. I just needed to get my thoughts out & down. Even if no one else but me reads this, it has helped to organize my thoughts & I am happy.

So long, until next time.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Instant Pot Adventures (001) - Deviled Eggs

By now I'm sure you've all heard of the Instant Pot!
Well, my parents got me one for Christmas, this year!!!

I have been going back & forth between wanting an Instant Pot and an Air Fryer over the past few months...
Even though I've only had the InstaPot a few days & I've only JUST used it for the first time... I must say, I'm glad to have this over the fryer!!!
We don't eat a ton of fried foods to begin with, and this thing is seeming to be SUPER versatile.

I haven't really cooked much since getting it, so today was its maiden voyage. I had heard from someone on Facebook that it makes good hard boiled eggs. I was intrigued.
As someone who makes dozens of dozens of deviled eggs EVERY SINGLE YEAR, the thought of quick hard boiled eggs was a dream come true!!!

Off subject, but over the years I have perfected hard boiled eggs!!!
If you don't have an InstaPot, feel free to find that secret here!!! Perfect EVERY time!

Anywho, having said that ^^^ I will NEVER boil eggs like that again!!!
Now, this InstaPot method only, truly, saves me about 6 minutes of "cook" time, BUT it's still so worth it! We'll get into all of the "whys" in just a moment.

I want to preface this by saying, normally, I cook WAY more than 10 eggs at a time.
This particular family gathering is small, 10 people.
Usually, I will cook 2 to 3 dozen at a time!
I am confident, but curious to see how well it handles all of that, next time.

Alright, let's get into this!!!

First of all, you have to test your Instant Pot prior to actually using it. Just follow the simple instructions in the booklet that it comes with.
Basically, you add 3 cups of water to the pot, attach the lid, set the vent to seal, and run the pressure cooker for 2 minutes. All this does is assure that your cooker is working properly; lid, vents, etc.

Now, I Googled how to hard boil eggs in the InstaPot and pretty much every single tutorial said to add one cup of water & to use the little rack that comes with the pot.

I pressed the "egg" button, then pressed the adjust button until it was on high, & set the time for 5 minutes. 10 seconds later, it beeped and began. It takes about 2 minutes for the pressure to build up, then it will steam for 5 minutes. Once the time runs out, it will automatically set itself on "keep warm". So, you let the eggs sit, while the pot naturally releases pressure, for 5 minutes. (12 minutes in, so far.)

Once 5 minutes has passed, turn the release valve to vent. Do this VERY quickly, and make sure your hand is not anywhere near the release vent!
Use a spoon if you are worried.
Once the steam & pressure is all released, remove the lid.
(14ish minutes, so far.)
By the way, the eggs look great, here. No cracks or spillage.

I used a pair of tongs to remove the eggs, and I put them in a bowl of ice water.
Mostly, this just makes it to where you can handle them while peeling.
Sit in ice for 5 minutes, then peel!
(Done in 19+/- minutes!)

Now, let me tell you...
My LEAST favorite part about making deviled eggs is the peeling!!! Ugh!
Especially when I have to make a few dozen at a time... By the end, my finger tips are so sore.
However, these were the easiest eggs to peel, that I have ever experienced!!!
You crack the shell & it practically slips off! I was extremely impressed. Didn't take long, at all.
But, the best part?!?!?!
NONE of the eggs peeled ugly!!!
If you've ever made boiled eggs, you know what I'm talking about. Some eggs like to hold onto their shells in a couple of places & when you're peeling, the shell takes a bit of egg white off with it, causing the white to look jagged. Not these! All 10 of my eggs are perfectly peeled & beautiful!!!

Here is a cross section of one of the eggs. The yolk is perfectly cooked! There is no gooey center, which was my main concern before starting this.

Again I say, perfectly cooked. The outer edges are still yellow, and haven't been over cooked to that rubbery green color.

After you devil your yolks, spoon the mixture into your whites & sprinkle with your seasonings.
Here they are, all ready to be put in the refrigerator until we head out this afternoon!

How about a close up of those gorgeous eggs?! Delicious!

All in all, I am thoroughly impressed with how well the eggs were cooked. Normally, it would take me 25 minutes, JUST to "cook" them *see link towards beginning*, but these were done & ready to peel in just 19!!!
I will be using this for ALL of my future egg-scursions. ;)

Thanks for reading.
I will be back, next time, with my buffalo chicken dip! (Whole recipe, and all!)

***Sorry, not giving you my deviled egg recipe, that's a secret! Lol.***