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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CCNP Honorary Swatcher Application

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish
Honorary Swatcher Application

Here's how this works!! :)

**Be sure that you fit all of my swatcher requirements:

  • AT LEAST 1,000 followers!!
  • AT LEAST 18 years of age (NO EXCEPTIONS! NOT even with parental consent)
  • clean, well maintained cuticles & nails
  • well lit, clear photos

**IF you meet my simple requirements, fill out this app & email it to me.
**Once I receive your email, please allow up to one week for reply.
**IF you do NOT receive an email after 14 days, assume that I have passed over you, for now.. BUT feel free to reapply in 60 days from your original application. (I keep ALL applications on file.)

FROM HERE, FORWARD I have changed the way the selection process works. a bit..
STARTING January 2016 the new regime is as follows....
**If you I choose to accept you as a candidate, I will respond to your email with a "congratulations", along with a basic questionnaire. This questionnaire will stay on file & I will use IT to determine WHO will be swatching which collection. I used to send a new one for each release.. I will NOT be doing that... Once I have chosen ALL swatchers, I will announce them as I ship out packages.

***(at this point, if you feel like you CAN NOT accomplish the task due to life dealings (i.e. school, work, busy schedule, etc.) PLEASE let me know, immediately!!! it will NOT hinder your chance to be chosen again, but I need to know, so that I can choose someone else for said collection!)***

I will send a new questionnaire at the beginning of each year, with vague questions about possible collections.
**I will NO LONGER send mini bottles to swatch & set up a 50% off code!!!
I will be sending FULL SIZE bottles, and NO code!!!**
I do my VERY BEST to align you with swatching a collection that I feel suits your tastes, BUT, if for ANY reason a polish is just not "your style", as long as you have swatched it & have emailed & posted your photos/blog/etc., feel free to destash.. once I send it to you, it is YOURS to do with as you please.
**If you have ANY thoughts, concerns, comments, etc. please feel free to express them to me!!!
**ONCE you have swatched for me, I will move your application to a separate folder, until I have made it through ALL qualified applicants.. Then, I will start all over & everyone will have another chance to swatch.

******International Ladies: (this app is ONLY, INT'LY, open to UK, Canada, Australia) If you are chosen to swatch you must agree to pay shipping.. your choice: $5 for first class OR $22 for flat rate (you WILL receive full size bottles)******

1. Full Name.

2. FULL address.

3. IG handle (& blog site, if applicable) AND number of followers on each.

4. Age.

5. Tell me a little about yourself..

6. Tell me a little about you polish "addiction" ;)..

7. Have you ever swatched for another Indie Brand? If so, who?

8. Have you ever purchased polish from me? (not a requirement, just curious.)

9. Which of my polishes is your favorite, & why? (don't have to own it)

10. Can you take macros? (also, not a requirement)

11. Can you do nail art? (also, not a requirement)

12. Are you responsible? Meaning if I give you a deadline &/or a specific timeline to follow, can I count on you to execute it?

13. Please attach 2 or 3 photos of some of your swatches. Make sure your nails are well groomed & taken care of & your swatches are neat!

14. Please, be sure to put "Swatcher App" in the subject of you email.

15. THANK YOU, for your interest. If I don't get back with you, within a week, I may not have chosen you, but you can reapply every 60 days. (PLEASE NOTE that NOT everyone will be chosen.)